JUDAISM: the source of Western Homophobia

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Short Intro by William A. Percy

Warren Johannson left this book in progress at the time of his death. On 26 January, 2007 James Jope called my attention to a recent review of the book Kathy L. Gaca, The Making of Fornication: Eros, Ethics, and Political Reform in Greek Philosophy and Early Christianity reviewed brilliantly by Amy Richin in Bryn Mawr Classical Review on 19 October, 2005 which covers much of the same topic. According to Jope, who has only read the Riskin's review, Gaca's book closely parallels Warren's Nachtllssen left on my computer in 1994 which I hired Arno Schmitt to help me edit and polish up last summer. Lester Segal a rabi and my long time friend and colleague in history at UMB had a couple of years earlier given me tips how to complete and improve the work. It's finally posted on my website. I think it would be of great interest for someone to compare the two great works to see how they differ and resemble each other.These are chapters from Warren's book.

Full, or at least most complete, Text in Microsoft Word Format

Biblical Judaism 950.B.C.-40.B.C.

Hellenist Judaism from Herod the Great to the Mishnah 40 B.C.-200 A.D.

late-Hellenist Judaism from the Mishna to the death of Justinian 200 A.D.-565 A.D

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