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Thousands of pages – from erudite to scandalous – debunking received ideas about homosexuality, the American South, history, classics, and religions – emphasizing writers who have been censored, convicted, and condemned.

This website of mine dabble is lascivious quotes and off-color gossip. I invite you to read and learn.


What's Here...


Homosexuality/gay/queer/LGBTQQWXYZ and the "Eight P's." Beware! Politically incorrect! Beyond the pale! While the so-called LGBT movement sanitizes away its history, this section focuses on the ‘pariahs’ who pioneered the German and Uranian homosexual rights efforts, then the Anglophone homophile, and finally the gay-liberation revolution. The threads here are the “seven P’s” – Pederasty, the so-called ‘Paraphilias’ (into which I improperly lump Transgender and Transsexuals, along with S&M), Public sex, Prostitution, Promiscuity, Pornographers, and Poètes Maudits, including out Victorian martyr Oscar Wild. This section covers the sexual minorities that LGBTers (and the movement’s pet-poodles Social Constructionists and Queer Theorist) usually prefer to ignore. Among the features in this section are writings by and about important scholars and activists (particularly those suppressed or censored), and the full text of the prize-winning 1990 Encyclopedia of Homosexuality (outrageously shredded 5 years later, but reprinted in 2016.).

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Me and my biological families – The focus here is an eighth "P" that I add ironically to the seven above. It once was esteemed but is now even more reviled than those listed above, namely Planters, that is, owners of plantations (whether worked by slaves or sharecroppers). That category includes most of our founding fathers, and for that matter, if you add serfs, most of the eminent people throughout history. Here you'll find genealogy, wills, obituaries, pictures, books, poetry, speeches, letters, memoirs, and diaries of Percys (including three female novelists), Dents, Minors, Armstrongs, Popes, and (the only non-planters from whom I descend) Yarboroughs. Also here are my own memoirs, rough sketches of three screenplays about my Uncle Will (William Alexander Percy) and imaginary dialogues of his with other Uranians (poets of boy-love), a.k.a. as Calamites if American.

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Greek and Roman Classics – In this field, and elsewhere in the humanities, today's ‘publish or perish’ academics just prove the obvious or waste readers’ time on insignificant details and/or implausible theories. In almost all of this output – particularly in what is politically correct (that requires ignoring or denegrating pederasty) – what is new is not true, and what is true is not new. Especially egregious errors occur regarding the supposed late ages of Roman marriage, evolution of Greek sympoticware from ceramic to silver, and the presumed positive effect of democracy.

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Inspired by my great professors Joseph Strayer, Theodore Mommsan Jr., Edward W. Fox, Ernst Kantorowicz, and Kole-Norton, Eugene Rice. I specialized in Medieval Europe, Medieval, renaissance, modern Europe, and the US – The beneficial revival of Greek and Latin pagan classics during the Renaissance, reaching its climax during the 19th century, forming the basis for humanistic values, until its unfortunate decline of the classics during the 20th centuty, so that the basis western humanistic values has been lost. For the US, the long ignored smuggling of slaves from 1808 to 1861, homo or bisexual presidents and other leaders, injustice to gays, increasing censorship, draconian laws and overreaching government interference and control at every level: America’s bulging prisons and the neo-Jim Crow of homophobic drug and sex-offender laws.


Superstitions: Religions and other dogmas – In the 13th century, the "first modern man," Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and king of Sicily, quipped than mankind had three great deceivers: – Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. I say that modern man has been deceived by Marx, Freud, and Hitler, secular dogmatists as intolerant (and even more lethal) than their medieval predecessors. They are, all six of them, the greatest enemies of peace, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

Some materials are posted in cooperation with the Homosexual Information Center, a surviving aspect of ONE, Incorporated that was founded in Los Angeles in 1965 by Don Slater, Billy Glover, Jim Schneider, and Joseph Hansen.


This site is part encyclopedia, part cabinet of curiosities, part ‘gay activist agenda’. I professed history at University of Massachusetts, Boston, for over 40 years. I published about Greek and Roman demography, art, and sexuality, Judeo-Christian-Muslim homophobia, homosexuals in the holocaust, 'outing', the American South, and the unconscionable, counterproductive persecution of ‘pedophiles’. Click here for my CV and my scholarly work. I am the scion of Southern families that produced William Alexander Percy, whose classic Lanterns on the Levee (1941) became a bestseller; Walker Percy, winner of the National Book Award in 1962 and Jefferson Lecturer in 1989; and Henry Longstreet Minor (A History of the Democratic Party, Macmillan, 1928), as well as numerous 19th-century writers. After graduating as valedictorian from Middlesex School in 1951 and enrolling in the Special Program in the Humanities at Princeton, I served in the US Army from 1953 to 1956, during which I was loaned to the CIA. With a BA from the University of Tennessee, I got an MA at Cornell, a certificato at Naples, and a PhD from Princeton in 1964. But I am also things socially deemed utterly disreputable – queer, sodomite, and aficionado of 'public sex' and bathhouses. My sponsorship of the first forum against the Vietnam war in the Deep South, at Louisiana State, Baton Rouge, drove me from my native soil. My sexual escapades among demimondes meant that my career as well as perhaps my life was always a moment away from destruction like Jews under Hitler or so-called pedophiles today. The material here reflects my origins, interests, and transforming passages through a number of radically different cliques or circles – from Southern aristocratic to New England Brahmin, to bohemian – some down-and-out and radical. A series of same age Jews inspired me: Emile Karafiol from age 17, Henry Friedlander from age 29 and Warren Jonhasson as well as Arthur Warner from age 53. Some recent inspires were down and out ex convicts. Briefly, after LBJ's war crimes, I became Republican but I haven't voted in over 30 years. I became an urban pioneer in 1970. On this site appear many materials not otherwise on the web, some by blacklisted scholars as well as convicted felons, on topics rarely discussed elsewhere in such depth or censored outright. I have funded this site in my estate so that it can continue and expand after my death.

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