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Along with Thomas Hubbard ranks as the leading authority on Greek Pederasty. He taught English at the University of Rome for several years. At Harvard he taught Italian and won several awards for teaching while auditing a range of classes, most of them in the Classics. He has been a freelance fiction editor for a major New York publisher, and he also has worked as a translator. He was nearly forty when he left the University of Virginia for UCLA. A graduate of Exeter Academy and Harvard College, Andrew Lear achieved his doctoral degree in the Department of Classics, UCLA entitled "Noble Eros: The Idealization of Pederasty From the Greek Dark Ages to the Athens of Socrates." While the subject of vases—specifically the Grecian vessels designed for serving and drinking wine—will take only one chapter in the dissertation, it is a key part of his overall research project. However, even when Andrew was acquiring a master's degree at the University of Virginia, he found that many Classicists were uninformed about the objects, which combined pragmatic purpose with artistic decoration.

More of Andrew's research on vases will go into a forthcoming book he's co-authoring with Professor Eva Cantarella of the University of Milan, titled Images of Greek Pederasty. The book will discuss 110 vases that depict scenes of pederastic courtship in ancient Greece, with 120 or 130 illustrations.

Forthcoming Work "Images of Pederasty" by Andrew Lear; Eva Cantarella (2008).

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