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Freddie was one on the most fascinating creatures that I have ever meet. A masseur, boxer and pick-pocket by trade. He befriend Hunke, the main dope supplier to the beatniks in New York City. After moving to Boston, he became a stellar member of the radical wing of the gay rights movement here. I came to know him at Charley Shively's sparkling sunday afternoon soirees, where everyone from street people to Harvard professors mingled together happily, enjoying bountious of food and liquor, as well as the often boisterous conviviality. Freddie worked tirelessly for the Gay Community News, the Fag Rag NAMBLA, which, along with the now still respectable Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), arose out of the crusade to stop Anita Bryant. I never saw or heard him be rude or insulting to anyone. Unfortunately he died a horrible death from cancer of the lungs due to smoking. Below is one of the funniest and most charming gay autobiographies that I have ever read.

Curriculum Vitae (as pdf)

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