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Brought to my attention by Wayne Dynes, Andrew Sullivan first crossed my radar screen in the early 1990s after he became at age 27 or so the child prodigy editor of The New Republic, which he proceeded to enliven most dramatically. As he was a recovering Republican—conservative in the traditional sense but wildly “liberal” with regard to gay lib—I found his views on politics and homosexuality a breath of fresh air. A young man to watch, I distinctly remember thinking.

Sullivan’s Virtually Normal, published in 1995, sent shock waves through the gay and straight establishments with its unapologetic defense of homosexual legitimacy as a matter not merely of civil rights, but of civic culture. It was a radical screed. I myself don’t particularly care about gay marriage. But as a youthful CIA recruit who many years ago quite spectacularly failed his polygraph test on the homo question, but who then was allowed to serve anyway (for what reasons, I know not), I most appreciated Sullivan’s argument about gays in the military. It carried a salubrious punch. What a ridiculous thing it is, to make patriotic gays writhe with apprehension simply in order to serve the country! Sullivan’s highlighting of this issue was a signal moment in the history of gay politics. He was a star student at Oxford and then at Harvard.

Today, of course, Sullivan is a seasoned blogosphere gladiator, a brawny Spartacus with virtual clout. Good for him! Years later, he still is a man to watch.

This bio is taken from Wikipedia

Andrew Michael Sullivan (born August 10, 1963) is a libertarian conservative author and political commentator, distinguished by his often personal style of political analysis, and pioneering achievements in the field of blog journalism.

Sullivan is known for his unusual personal-political identity (HIV-positive, gay, self-described conservative often at odds with other conservatives, and practising Roman Catholic). He is the former editor of The New Republic and the author of three books.

Sullivan is a speaker at major universities, colleges, and civic organizations in the United States, and a frequent guest on many national news and political commentary television shows in the United States and Europe. Born and raised in England, he has lived in the United States since 1984 and currently resides in Washington, D.C. and Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Sullivan claimed in October 2006 that he would like to become a US citizen but is barred because of his HIV-positive status. Sullivan has lived in the United States longer than in the nation of his birth, England.

He was one of the most popular bloggers at Time Magazine. On 19 January, 2007, Sullivan announced through his blog that he would be leaving Time to work at the Atlantic Monthly and has since done so.

Playboy Magazine recently ranked Sullivan's blog number one on its list of Top 10 Political Blogs in the country


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