Babington, Percy Lancelot

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Perhaps the "least of the apostles" in the Uranian movement was a somewhat shadowy figure with the charming name of Percy Lancelot Babington, who was born in Lincolnshire in 1878, which would mean that he was a teenager at the the time of the Oscar Wilde trials, following close upon the deaths of Symonds and Pater. One can only imagine the trauma that he felt. In 1904 he purchased a book by Wilde titled "Sebastian Melmoth and the Soul of Man" (London:Humphries, 1904). His heavily annotated copy of this book is currently for sale from a gay bookseller in London. He issued a small volume of poems in Cambridge in 1911, which is available for free downloading on the internet, but there is nothing Uranian about the contents. However, he did his duty to the Uranian cause with his comprehensive "Bibliography of the Writings of John Addington Symonds" (1925, reprinted 1968). This was issued in 500 numbered copies. His only other known book was a book about Calverley's parody of Browning. His death date is unknown.

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