Call from Paul Motter

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Paul Motter, a skeptic on Tripp's book, but now convinced. He loaned it to a friend, who just did not believe it, but now does.

Paul is 61, I think, and once worked for B. Altman, in their rare book and autograph dept. Their buyer, a Robert Rallett, son of a state senator from Tenn., Copperhill, Tenn, Paul thinks, came back to Altman's one day excited by a catalog he'd picked up, early release, either from Sotheby's or Christie's.

Among the items to be sold was a collection of very suggestive letters from Washington to one of his aides.

Paul asked me if I knew anything about George and his aides. I told him the only one I could think of offhand was Hamilton, but that the general had surrounded himself with attractive young men.

Shortly after the buyer returned with this catalog the Secret Service seized the entire printing, and started trying to recover those that had been released early, among them Robert Tallett's. He told them that he had left his copy on the subway, and had lost it.

Altman's went out of business, he thinks in 1986 or 1987. He's from California, originally. I told him about both of you, Charlie S, the AHA convention, your ongoing work Lewis on Anne Rutledge, etc.

He is a most charming and interesting individual, and gave me permission to tell my friends about our conversation.

He also claims that one reason Martha Stewart went to prison was that she was engaged in a private war with Bush, whether George H. W. or Dubbya. Anyway, the Secret Service got involved in that.

I thought their job was protecting Presidents, First Ladies, the immediate family, etc.; but apparently the agency is also concerned with the reputations of former presidents, including those long deceased.

Weird, so much so it might actually be true.

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