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I first heard about Vern from my friend and colleague at LSU, Jody Carrigan, who had become the lover of Kitty. Kitty herself had been the lover of Reed Erickson before Reed had his sex changed not long after her/his father’s death, and in 1963 was living in the guest house behind Reed’s. Reed, one of the first females to become a male, was raking in tons of money from successful speculation in oil wells and was beginning to finance GLBTQ scholarship and research. Among others, he financed John Money at Hopkins, bought a country club in Los Angeles for Dorr Legg’s gay university, and, as Vern told me years later, gave Vern himself $70,000 – then worth ten years of professor’s pay – to research and write about GLBTQ history. Read More

In Memoriam by William A. Percy (as pdf)

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Major Works

Before Stonewall Activists for Gay and Lesbian Rights in Historical Context

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