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The Edward Carpenter Archive

A web-based archive of works by Edward Carpenter, famous for his thoughts on on spirituality, sexuality and socialism. Books |Pamphlets | Music | Unpublished Works

New Announcement - The Edward Carpenter Forum

At a meeting in Sheffield on 21st May 2006, a group of Edward Carpenter students and enthusiasts agreed to set up the Edward Carpenter Forum. It is early days yet, and the plans for the forum are still being developed.

The intentions are simply stated however:

The Edward Carpenter Forum connects people interested in the life and works of the pioneering writer and campaigner Edward Carpenter, and in his circle. Through a newsletter, a programme of events, lectures and workshops, and a presence on the world wide web, it facilitates discussion and the sharing of enthusiasm between its members. It also aims to promote more widely an awareness of Edward Carpenter and his ideas. The Edward Carpenter Forum is run by volunteers as a non-profit making organisation.

If you are interested in the idea of the Edward Carpenter Forum, and want to be kept in touch with developments, then please visit the website.

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