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Michael Bedout Chesson is professor in the History Department at UMB. Chesson developed an interest in the Civil War growing up in the South. He was born in Richmond and spent many of his formative years in that area. His first book came out of his dissertation thesis, "Richmond after the War, 1865-1890," which he completed at Harvard in 1978 before joining UMass Boston as a faculty member published under the same title.

His book, Exile in Richmond: The Confederate Journal of Henri Garidel, grew out of his collaboration with Leslie Jean Roberts, who translated the original journals of Henri Garidel from French. Chesson and Roberts have created an excellent time capsule of life during one of the most tumultuous times in the nation. So far, he is the only one to have won both prizes for the best first work and for the best editor. Chesson teaches several courses on Civil War history, the Old South and slavery and mentors master’s students working on such topics. Now, he is finishing a book about the life of a Union surgeon from Maine, Dr. J. Franklin Dyer, who became the third mayor of Gloucester after the Civil War.



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