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William Edward (Billy) Glover, the only activist from the early days of the homophile movement in Los Angeles still active.

Born in Shreveport, Lousiana, on Sepember 16, 1932, he graduated from Bossier High School in 1950 and from Louisiana State University in 1955. Having entered the US Army, he was discharged in 1956 for being homosexual. At that point he went directly to Los Angeles, where he had decided he wanted to live after visiting the city on a family vacation. He worked for a short time for two commercial companies, then started volunteering at ONE, Inc., becoming a staff member when Jim Kepner left in 1960.

Glover worked closely with Dorr Legg in business matters and in his support groups and classes. He helped deliver and mail ONE magazine every month. When funding came for the organization (from a new nonprofit, tax-exempt arm of the Institute for the Study of Human Resources), Dorr sought to expand his control, pushing his agenda for the education side, to the detriment of the magazine, the main source of public support. As a result, Dorr Legg and Don Slater, who was in charge of ONE and of the library, reached a point where they could no longer work together. After getting legal advice in 1965, Don took action with the corporation, seeking to force Dorr to compromise. Billy then joined Don's clique.

After a legal settlement giving Don's part most of the material and Dorr the name, there were two groups (ONE and Tangents aka the Homosexual Information Center) working for the same cause with different priorities and methods. During this time, the mid-1960s, support for the effort to gain civil/equal rights for homosexual Americans exploded, leading to the Stonewall Uprising in New York City in 1969.

The Homosexual Information Center (HIC) was founded (1968) by Don's group as a tax-exempt organization and kept working for the cause, as did Dorr's part of ONE. When Don Slater died in 1997 others kept HIC going, as did those working with Dorr at his death, and they joined with those who worked with Jim Kepner in his library, to form a library now located at USC. After some discussion, Don’s library and archives are now located at Cal State Northridge.

In the early 1990s, Billy moved back to Louisiana, where he continued to work, taking mightily to the Internet ( In this way he is helping to preserve the history of the Southern California pioneers, offering his views on the community/movement today based on his years of work in the cause.

From 1963 to 1975, Billy Glover lived with his partner Melvin, his only long-term personal relationship. He especially enjoyed working with Don Slater and his partner Tony Reyes. Another good friend was Rudi Steinert, a Holocaust escapee, who lived across the street from them in EchoPark. Dale Jennings, who had co-founded Mattachine and ONE, came back from the mid-West in the later years to work again at HIC until his death. His estate, including control of the movie he did, The Cowboys, is owned by HIC. Another important figures, Don Schneider, now lives in Michigan, where he works on his Movie Museum. Later others joined and became friends, including Paul Harris and Ron Tate. HIC co-founder Jim Schneider lives and works in Commerce CA. HIC co-founders Joseph and Jane Hansen are now dead but did significant work on the magazine. Tony Reyes now lives at the house he and Don bought in Colorado's Four Corners area. The youngest member of HIC is Todd White, author of Pre-Gay LA.

Glover's prolific e-mails, many reproduced below, constitute something like an archive of the LA homophile movement.

For a profile of Billy Glover, see Vern Bullough, ed. Before Stonewall, 2002, pp. 121-23. (The full text of the book is reproduced on this website.)

Note: the date of the e-mails from Glover reproduced below is roughly the page modification date.

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