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Frank Kameny continues to make important contributions not only with this but also by denouncing of the journalist who wrote a book about the 1960s and not mentioned Gay Liberation. Thank you Frank for all you have done and are doing.Here is something from Frank himself. Please also check out his extensive website He basically Mattachine East from Arthur Warner after courting the phrase "Gay is Good" instead of pleading as Arthur had with "authorities" such as priests, psychiatrist and lawyers for toleration.

Just yesterday I was a participant in an American Psychiatric Association seminar, at their annual meeting. At that I pushed the idea of what I term "symmetry". That is that we must deal precisely equally in all matters with homosexuality and heterosexuality. That certainly includes the causes of each. Universally, tacitly, heterosexuality is treated as the default condition, into which all people go, without further explanation, unless they are derailed. That is insufficient.

That is consistent with your opening remarks.

My view was favorably received.

Frank Kameny

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