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I came upon your Panthology/Acolyte page by accident, while searching for a Jonathan Williams page I had accessed before which included his comments on author Kevin Esser [Streetboy Dreams, et al]. Although his [Williams'] Jargon Society web page was maintained for a while after his death by his partner, apparently it is no more. Oh well! The ensuing search using Kevin's name brought me to your above referenced page, and I find I can fill in some blanks for you, as follows:

1981 Panthology 1, ISBN 90 70154 15 3 1982 Panthology 2, ISBN 90 70154 21 2 1984 Panthology 4, ISBN 90 70154 31 5

1992 Acolyte Reader 7, ISBN 90 6971 042 0

Additionally, to the best of my knowledge, Acolyte Reader 12 was never published, owing to the death of Frank Torey, editor and publisher of all the Coltsfoot/Panthology/BL Classics/Acolyte Reader publications. Also, Singularities volume 2, by Robert Campbell, was never published either, owing to the author's sudden death in a plane crash. Although Torey had a few of the stories, or chapters, in hand, and hoped the estate would forward the rest, that never happened. That is how I heard it when I was working as a freelance designer at Alessandra's Smile, the American distributor for those publications owned by attorney Lawrence Stanley, who had created the Ariel's Pages division to both allow NAMBLA to divest their bookselling division, and to provide former Bulletin editor Chris Farrell employment in running it after his release from prison [on boylove charges].

My own fiction, formerly printed in the Bulletin and Gayme, can be found at [or access it from boylinks], along with that of my best friend Kevin Esser and others. My design work is best represented by the yellow cover "Mike Merisi" Bulletins and the rare book Diary of a Dirty Boy by Luis Miguel Fuentes.

Enough about me, but having read your presentation of the essay on Tom Reeves by David Thorstad, I must tell you that even the BL movement is plagued by PC People, and Thorstad was one. So it is interesting to see that he is slightly modifying his correctness, yet not totally abandoning it, nor apologizing for it as he should, for many soldiers in this war have seen their souls crucified on his altar of political correctness. The politically correct never realize that their stances are dogmatic, and as such are built upon unfounded opinions and prejudices. Thorstad himself is well known for disparaging art and fiction, as if Marx and Mein Kampf have more importance, other than historical, over Franz Kafka or John Henry Mackay.

Finally, I also read Tom O'Carroll's Biography, and was delighted to know of his friendship with Angus Stewart, whose works are a recent passion of mine. I put together a sketchy essay for a few friends, just to introduce Stewart and my take on him, which differs a bit from the received wisdom of the gay community that currently prevails. When I sent it to Kevin Esser, he had never heard of Stewart, and thanked me for informing him. During my research on Stewart, I discovered that the New York Public Library is interested in my books and papers. I was gobsmacked! Anyway, I attach my Stewart piece, and wonder if Tom knows if that last unpublished novel by Stewart still exists [or if it ever did].

Thanks for allowing my intrusion. I hope some of this is useful or interesting.

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