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Hubert Kennedy, PhD, is an emeritus Research Associate at the Center for Research and Education in Sexuality at San Francisco State University and currently lives in Bay Area.

He has over 200 publications in several languages, from an analysis of the mathematical manuscripts of Karl Marx and a revelation of Marx's homophobia, to theoretical genetics and a proof of the impossibility of an organism that requires more than two sexes in order to reproduce. In addition, Dr. Kennedy has written biographies of the Italian mathematician Giuseppe Peano and the German homosexual emancipationist/theorist Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, and has edited the collected writings of Ulrichs. His translations of the boy-love novels of the German anarchist writer John Henry Mackay and his investigations of the writings of Mackay have helped establish Mackay's place in the gay canon.

Kennedy also translated selections from Der Eigene for the volume Homosexuality and Male Bonding in Pre-Nazi Germany, coedited with Harry Oosterhuis, and is the author of The Ideal Gay Man: The Story of Der Kreis. Sex & Math in the Harvard Yard: The Memoirs of James Mills Peirce, a fictional biography, is Hubert Kennedy's only novel. William A. Percy wonders whether his homophobic cousin Walker Percy knew that his idol, the Harvard philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce, had a gay brother.

See Kennedy’s website

Anarchist of Love The Secret Life of John Henry Mackay by Hubert Kennedy (as pdf)

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