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As someone who in 1997-2001 spent about 4 years in Massachusetts State Prison and is now finishing up a 10 year probation period for a sex offense I committed when I was 20 (against an 11 year-old boy I knew), I wanted to share my insight and experience to help other sex offenders - convicted or otherwise - as well as their families and friends through a confusing and frustrating situation. As a registered Level 2 Sex Offender in Massachusetts, I look to begin my consulting and coaching business to aid those labeled as sex offenders, the families who fear one of their members might be labeled as such, those who imagine they might be in danger of being labeled sex offender, treatment providers, friends, and anyone else who must deal with a myriad of unforeseen and anticipated issues. I want to use this blog not only to help hash out my ideas and beliefs for a future publication but also to reach out to those of you in what can only be described as a very isolating and confusing experience.

My blog,, isn't a resource to beat the system, get a bottom bunk in prison, or get favors from your probation officer. My goal is to be a guide and hopefully clarify what it means to be a sex offender in Massachusetts, the various other states, and possibly throughout the whole world,and how you can and should engage life, plan for the future, and work with many of the restrictions placed on you. It's not that I've figured it all out and have a perfect life now, but I believe you can use my information to give you and your family a better life than what many others feel you deserve or what you may unwittingly deny yourself.

If anyone has any questions, other ideas, or suggestions for content or the blog, please contact me.

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