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Richard Schneider, Jr., Ph.D. A child of the 1950’s who grew up in suburban New Jersey (the New York part), Schneider went to Williams College and received his BA in history in the mid-70’s. Radicalized in college by the Vietnam War—but always drawn more to anarchism than to Marxism—he founded a lefty political journal called Counterpoint.

While at Williams, Schneider came out as openly gay. He then went off to Harvard as a graduate student in sociology, where he worked in comparative and cultural studies until finally settling on the study of complex organizations as the research area for his dissertation, which was a comparative analysis of eight large management consulting firms, later published under the title Market Design: Client Relations and Organizational Power in the Management Consulting Firm (1988). He completed his doctorate in sociology at Harvard in 1981.

His first teaching job was as an “itinerant scholar” for the University of Maryland’s European Division, where he taught courses in sociology and anthropology for the next five years, living for various stretches in Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, and Greece. After a two-year stint at Alfred University in upstate New York, he returned to Boston to serve as the Director of Research for a Boston-based consulting firm, the Center for Strategy Research, where he remained through most of the 90’s. There he spearheaded the development of a method of computer-aided content analysis for the understanding of qualitative consumer research.

In 1994, Schneider founded The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review, so named because it was first published by the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus, an alumni/ae organization, for distribution to its members. By the second or third issue, however, the quarterly journal was developing a broader readership and was soon recognized as an important national journal of GLBT ideas and opinion. In 2000 the journal’s name was changed to The Gay & Lesbian Review / Worldwide, and in the following year it began publishing bimonthly with a circulation of about 12,000 as of 2008, two-thirds of whom are regular subscribers. The G&LR has been widely regarded as the leading GLBT cultural and intellectual journal in the U.S. Schneider remains its editor and president and foresees continuing growth. In 1999, he met his partner, Stephen Hemrick, with whom he lives in Boston and Provincetown.

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