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Richard Yuill completed his PhD on “Male Age-Discrepant Intergenerational Sexualities and Relationships” at the University of Glasgow in 2005, gaining high distinction from examiners and colleagues alike. Throughout the five years from 2000 to 2005, he faced two lengthy University Senate investigations, thefts of material from his office, a series of hysterical and ill-informed media attacks from the Daily Mail, Guardian, News of the World, and a notorious freelance gutter journalist from Pennicuik, Marcello Mego. After completing his PhD, the usual noxious alliance of academic and professional self-styled "child protection experts" gathered to denounce the research in similar fashion to the attacks on Gallileo by his Catholic Inquisitors. This was most clearly exemplified by the arrogant and insensitive comments made by UK state-sponsored social worker, Andrew Durham, in which he denied any rights for male respondents to positive experiences within man-boy relationships, something that Yuill certainly did not do for the male survivors he interviewed. This clearly shows that Durham et al. are in fact the ones who need "empathy training" rather than the alleged "sex offenders" they purport to re-condition in their Orwellian fascist camps, euthemistically labelled "Sex Offender Treatment Programs" (SOTPS). A series of ad hominem political attacks and sensationalist media reporting by the Times Higher Education Supplement subsequently followed, with the usual victimological suspects (Liz Kelly, Chris Harrison, and Rachel O'Connell) co-opted in to provide their familiar insipid, ill-informed, puerile, and at times sinister commentaries on a PhD they had not even read, merely revealing their ignorance on the issues of child and intergenerational sexualities.

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