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Charley Shively, AB, Magna Cum Laude Harvard, '60, MA University of Wisconsin, AM and PhD Harvard. Charley taught for a number of years at Boston State College, where he was promoted to full professor fortutiously in 1982 when that college was abolished. Of their 30 odd history professors, UMB was compelled to choose 4. Alone, of our 30 odd professors, I've visited their Campus to pick out the ablest for our department to choose. Charley was at the top of my list, but my department chose four others among the seven remaining on my list. They refused to take Charley, quipping that he had abandoned history for gay liberation. It is a fact that Charley was Mr Gay Lib in all of New England during the seventies and early eighties, helping found Fag Rag and The Gay Community News, Nambla and the gay and lesbian advocates and defenders, and the Fenway Community Health Center. But he also produced 500 pieces of various sorts from letters to the editor, book reviews, scholarly notes and newspaper column and articles, and spoke and attended gay rallies all over the country. He managed to transmigrate to UMB by getting accepted into a smaller less significant department called law and justice which was eventually abolished. It was my Department's extreme homophobia against Charley that made me become a gay activist, and it was Charley who made me become a publisher in gay studies, getting me to represent the G.C.N. At the Planning Conference for the "Others" at the Holocaust Museum at Washington DC. Though I was then still a Republican, the G.C.N., far leftist as it was, published my report as a centerfold in 1985. Charley remained there from '82-89, when I moved Watrren Johansson into my house, the main intellectual influence in my life, and he remains so.

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Major Works

An Option For Freedom In Texas 1840-1844 (as pdf)

Was The Father of Our Country A Queen? Maybe the reason why, even under the Bush regime, the US has no king

George Washington's Gay Mess: Was The 'Father Of Our Country' A Queen? Blatant Lies, Open Secrets (as pdf)

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