Commentary:KINSEY, TRIPP, PERCY SEX SCALE: Three Dimensional Sexuality

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Alfred Kinsey developed a scale to measure sexual behavior from exclusively homosexual, 6, to exclusively heterosexual, 0. From reading his work, you can also extrapolate a scale measuring a person's total sexual outlet, which he considered to remain at a relatively steady level throughout one's life, of course with the normal decline that comes as one grows older. I will describe this scale as ranging from "A" for the most active, through to "G," for completely inactive. In addition, Kinsey hinted at a third scale, a measurement his colleague C.A. Tripp somewhat more clearly outlined: a scale I intend to delineate even further. This determines the difference between a person and his or her sexual partners, the qualifications being age*, race, religion, physical characteristics, socio-economic standing, education level, liking it gentle or rough, and relative masculinity/effeminacy: butch/fem. I will describe this scale as ranging from α, to describe one who has partners the most different from himself or herself, to η, for someone who has partners the most similar. Kinsey and Tripp, even in the 0-6 scale, do not entirely rule out familiarity as opposed to practice.

On the Kinsey scale: What about those like Gore Vidal—clear Kinsey 6's—who refuse to accept the label "homosexual" as a noun, i.e. as a type of person, and deny that such types exist, but only that people commit homosexual acts without becoming homosexuals, no matter how often they do so.

Gay Jargon

Building on the neologisms of my predecessors, I have amassed the following list of queens with either exclusive or distinct proclivities:

Age Preferences

Pedophiles: Preference for children between ages 1-13
Pederast: 14-18
Ephebophiles: 18-22
Neandrophile: 22-35
Androphiles: 35-55
Gerontophile: 55+
Chrysophiles: 70+ (gold-diggers)


There are many queens who have special fixations. Here is the list I have compiled thus far; I welcome any additions or suggestions.

Drag Queen
Lens Queen: I am a perfect example of such a creature.
Dinge Queen: for blacks.
Rice Queen: for East Asians.
Snow Queen: for whites.
Taco Queen: for Latinos.
Kebab Queen: for Middle Easterners and/or Muslims
Curry Queen: for East Indians.
Luau Queen: for South Pacific islanders.
??????????: for Native Americans.
??????????: for Eskimos
Kosher Queen: for Jews.
Communion Queen: for Christians
Railroad Queen: for those who ride the rails.

Professor Kenneth Rasmussen of the State University of New York, Buffalo, has collected some 300 of these expressions. The word queen has parallels in Spanish (reina) and Italian (regina); the latter has also reginismo, which has been defined as the mentality and political action of queens. (Dynes, Wayne: Homolexis: A Cultural and Historical Lexicon of Homosexuality. New York, Gai Saber, 1985.)

About Lesbians

Dear Readers,

I have not learned whether lesbians, who I presume can have similar gender and race preferences, have comparable slang. Please inform me what words they use.

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