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David Greenberg is professor of sociology and based at New York University, Department of Arts and Science. He was awarded his Ph.D. in 1969 in Physics, after obtaining his M.S. in 1963, and B.S. in 1962, all at the University of Chicago.

His current research interests include: Criminology; sociology of law; mathematical modeling; ancient civilizations; deviance; human sexuality; sociology of science; evolutionary psychology; statistical methods in the social sciences. He is affiliated to the American Sociological Association, Eastern Sociological Association, Pacific Sociological Association, International Sociological Association, American Society of Criminology, Law and Society Association, International Association for the History of Crime and Criminal Justice, Sociologists' Lesbian and Gay Caucus, Committee on Lesbian and Gay History, Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists, Gay and Lesbian Caucus of the Modern Language Association, Society for the Study of Homosexuality in the Middle Ages.

Major Work Below is a link to his most famous work, "The Construction of Homosexuality" in 1988.


The book is also available at


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