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Currently Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow where he specializes in the sociology of music and sexuality. Evans was born in London in 1945 and moved in 1969 to Glasgow, where he joined the Department of Sociology. He has written widely on contemporary sexual politics and theory. He has also provided insights into the framing of specific issues such as Section 28 (UK legislation passed by the Conservative Government in 1988 which effectively forbade the teaching of homosexuality in schools), its subsequent repeal in Scotland in 2000 and in the UK a year later.

Evans’ most seminal text to date Sexual Citizenship: The Material Construction of Sexualities (1993) criticizes Foucauldian and Interactionist perspectives on sexuality for their lack of attention to the way notions of sexuality are formulated within, and shaped through, material relations governed by market relations. For Evans, sexual practices and relationships under capitalism are invariably commodified. Hence the unfolding claims for greater sexual rights and equality become constructed through particular forms of citizenship which can only be understood through their relationship to wider transformations within contemporary capitalist societies. Evans sees the state as instrumental in packaging sexual identities as necessary purchases. The consumer is then persuaded that sexual identities (gay, female, pedophiliac, transgender, and child) are innate and natural, rather that commodified constructions.

Evans’ work has had a significant impact on the sociology of sexuality. It also provides a contrasting lens from other contemporary gay writers (Plummer, Weeks and Waites) who arguably overly-eulogize recent liberal democratic shifts toward apparent equality for sexual minorities. Indeed, although being an earlier critic of Foucault’s inattention to human agency, Evans argues that a Foucauldian and Marxist critique of late capitalist power structures are essential to any analysis of contemporary sexual identity.

Sexual Citizenship: http://books.google.com/books?id=geMBDOPSJVYC&dq=david+evans+sexual+citizenship&pg=PP1&ots=OXaIa1ueOy&sig=kBVpfQdWFnnwPadyyBeqdhLGU0U&hl=en&prev=http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls=com.microsoft:en-US&q=david+evans+sexual+citizenship&btnG=Search&sa=X&oi=print&ct=title&cad=one-book-with-thumbnail#PPP3,M1

See http://www.gla.ac.uk/departments/sociology/staff/davidevans/#d.en.26063

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