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David Thorstad is a former president of New York’s Gay Activists Alliance, a cofounder of New York’s Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights, a cofounder of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, coauthor of The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864–1935), and editor of Gay Liberation and Socialism: Documents from the Discussions on Gay Liberation inside the Socialist Workers Party (1970–1973).

His Works

Gay Activism and Lifestyles

For Sale: The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864-1945) (as Microsoft Word Document) (as pdf)

LGBT: A Dissection

LGBT: A Dissection (as Microsoft Word Document)

LGBT: A Dissection (as PDF)

Gay Liberation and the Taboo on Male Homosexuality

Conversation with a Gay Cuban Artist

Thorstad remarks at 2012 Harry Hay conference

Reminiscences of John Burnside and Harry Hay (as Microsoft Word Doc)

The Death of Gay Liberation, by David Thorstad (as pdf) or (as Microsoft Word document)

Tearoom! A Conversation with a New York Aficionado (Steam, vol. 3, issue 2 Summer 1995) (as pdf) or (as Microsoft Word document)

Ethical Tasks of Homosexuals by Dr.Kurt Hiller translated by David Thorstad

What Is To Be Done (as Microsoft Word document)

In Appreciation of Eleanor Cooper (as Microsoft Word document)

David Thorstad reflects on his collaboration with Tom Reeves

Why I am skipping Stonewall 50(as PDF document)

Pederasty and Homosexuality

Tribute to Tony Duvert from /Le Monde/, translated by David Thorstad

Man/Boy Love Then and Now: A Personal-Political Appraisal (as pdf) or (as Microsoft Word document)

Man/Boy Love and the American Gay Movement (as pdf)

Pederasty and Homosexuality

Man-Boy Love and Feminism (as pdf) or (as Microsoft Word document)

In Alexander's Footsteps: Siwa Today (as pdf) or (as Microsoft Word document)

A Pueblo Journal: Homosexuality among the Zapotecs (as pdf)

Homosexuality and the State: What the Atlanta Murders Reveal, by David Thorstad (as pdf)

Love Letter from a Boy (Now a Man and Lover of Boys Himself) To a Man He Used to Be in Love With, by David Thorstad (as pdf)

The Left

Imagining Socialism by David Thorstad (as PDF)

Reminiscences of Ray Dunne (as Word document)

Remembering Vincent Raymond Dunne (as PDF)

Review of Guy Hocquenghem's The Screwball Asses

Homosexuality and the American Left: The Impact of Stonewall (as pdf) or (as Microsoft Word document)

Frank Wedekind: Esthetics and Eroticism, by Leon Trotsky. Translated and with an Introduction by David Thorstad as pdf

"Tovarich, Chiclets": Impressions of Cuba (as pdf)

"The Socialist Workers Party vs. Gay Liberation (or The Cuckoo Builds a Strange Nest)"

Sexuality and Socialism: Book Review by David Thorstad (as Microsoft Word document)

Leon Trotsky, "The German Puzzle," translated by David Thorstad

An Early Activist Critique of Stalin's 1934 Antihomosexual Law: "A Chapter of Russian Reaction" by Kurt Hiller (as PDF)

Gay Marriage

Balls and Chains: The Marriage Sellout (pdf file)

Marriage, Marketing, Tailending: The U.S. Left and Same-Sex Marriage


Holy Rolling (as pdf) or (as Microsoft Word document)

Darwin 1, God 0: Intelligent Design or Incompetent Design?

Some Thoughts on Seeing Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ (as Word document in English) (as Word document in German)

Thorstad letter to Workers Vanguard on Anti-Muslim Cartoons

Native American

White Earth Nation Adopts New Constitution

The Sad Legacy of Moose Dung and Red Robe '(as Microsoft Word document (as PDF document)

What is Ojibwe Literature?

Minnesota's Great Anishinaabe Fish-Off

Thief River Falls: The Indian Connection

Land Grab: Ramsey vs. the Indians (as Microsoft Word document)

Review of William W. Warren: The Life, Letters, and Times of an Ojibwe Leader by Theresa M. Schenck by David Thorstad

On "Sweet," "Yellow Head," and "Two-Spirit" (PDF)


Hands off the Peat!: The Rape of Minnesota’s Big Bog

Statement on Dismissal of Curley Anti-Free-Speech Suit

My Tamil Nadu (as Microsoft Word document)

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