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Bill, as I was looking through some material for information on ONE's first gay organized travels, regarding an article in Gay & Lesbian Review, I found something about my "work" that is of interest to me and I thought I'd see what you think.

An irrelevant issue that I think is interesting in regard to some question about how to spell the name of a ONE person, shows up in a single issue of Dorr's version of ONE-Monwell Boyfrank's name is spelled two ways, this way and as Manuel Boyfrank. No where is it given as Jim Sears says it may be, such as BoyFrank. Also, as I have said before, I found several articles on marriage-one, ONE of 6/63, had the cover, yellow, and title Let's Push Homophile Marriage, and the final words are the very reason some of us worry about it, as it implies that we will thus be "moral."

Which in a sense I found I was sounding like, as the two book reviews I found that I did were both on religious books, as was an editorial I did, based on th play The Deputy, comparing homosexuals who don't work for our rights with Jews and others in Germany who did not during Hitler's time. (Editorial was in the same issue of ONE that Melvin and I are on the cover walking down a sidewalk-June, 1964 issue.) In ONE of July, 1963 I did the Tangents news section. In November of 1963 I reviewed the book Love is Life, Catholic manual on marriage, which had been translated from French, by Francois Dantec, Univ of Notre Dame Press, and is a harmful book, most of the pages devoted to pushing having babies and is anti-gay. I reviewed another book on St. Paul, same thing.

And I found a review of a book, ( August, 1963) The Pastor's Counseling Handbook, by James L. Christensen, Revell, that was done by Fr. Bernard of the American Eastern Orthodox Church, in Las Vegas, that Melvin later joined and became a priest in. Fr. Bernard also did an article in the same issue fo ONE I did the news section for (July, 1963), titled The Path of Truth.

What I find "interesting, " is that I seem to be preaching and moralizing. In the editorial and two book reviews. That may have turned people off. But at 75, I doubt I can change.

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