E-mail from Billy - Readers who do not communicate their likes and dislikes, thoughts, etc.

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I do worry if so few of your readers find anything in an issue worth responding to, pro or con. Or have something they are interested in that they want you to cover.

Perhaps they responded to ONE/Tangents because we we were the only publication. I often wonder what happened to all of those hundreds of readers-although most are dead. But hundreds read Don Slater's thoughts in not only the magazine but in the Los Angeles Times, the Herald Examiner, and of Joe Pyne's radio show, on KHJ for a week on the Maria Cole/Stan Bohrman talk show, and heard and saw me on Louis Lomax, Regis Philbin (on the military issue), and saw my letter in Playboy, etc. And saw or heard of our Motorcade, written up in the new york Times by Peter Bart, now head of one Hollywood industry publication, Reporter maybe. I believe that they are or were better informed on homosexual issues, even if they didn't understand and certainly in the 60s even were still in the closet. But several times, when in some place with Melvin, someone would walk up to me and say they had seen me on tv. And were at least gay-friendly if not gay.

And we hear all the times that each new "celebrity" that "comes out" says they are hearing from people who say they appreciate having them as a role model, etc. I wonder if when someone famous converts from one political party to another or convert to some religion, if that also inspires people to do the same? If so that is sad.

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