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missing — : pp. 1353,1354 Usury

Barry D. Adam, University of Windsor (Canada) — : Paleo-Siberian Peoples Siwa Oasis

anonymous, New York City — : sexual aberration abomination personal advertisments Aeschines Albania Albertine Complex Anglo-Saxons anthologies Artemidorus Bayard Rustin Sensibility Situational Homosexuality Trick twilight

Rudi Bleys, Catholic University, Leuven (Belgium) — : Belgium

Alan Bray, London (England) — : Male Friendship

Vem Bullough, State University of New York, Buffalo — : Christianity

David Cameron, ONE Institute, Los Angeles — :

Daniël Christiaens, Antwerp (Belgium) — : the Nude in Art

Peter Christiansen, State University of New York, Binghampton — : Marguerite Yourcenar

Siong-huat Chua, Boston — : Gay and Lesbian Asian-Americans

Randy Conner, San Francisco — : Buddhism

Louis Crompton, University of Nebraska, Lincoln — : Jeremy Bentham George Gordon Lord Byron

Giovanni Dall’Orto, Milan (Italy) — : l’Alcibiade fanczullo a scola Bernesque Poetry Dante Alighieri Giovanni Della Casa Marsilio Ficino Fidentian Poetry Pier Paolo Pasolini Sandro Penna Angelo Poliziano Italian Renaissance Luigi Settembrini Benedetto Varchi Venice

Richard Dey, International Hemophilics Institute, Boston — : Science

Stephen Donaldson, New York City — : Buddhism Ephebophilia Youth Novels and Short Fiction Pirates prisons, jails, and reformatories punk rape of males Seafaring Gay Subculture Science Fiction trade typology Eroticization of Working Class

Wayne R. Dynes, Hunter College (CUNY), New York City — : sexual aberration abnormality active passive contrast gay activist aesthetic movement ageism Alan of Lille androgyny androphilia Anglicanism anthropology Antinous apologetic Arcadia aristocratic Vice Aristotle visual art asceticism Wystan Hugh Auden Saint Augustine James Baldwin bars Roland Barthes bathhouses beat generation beats and hippies beauty competitions biography and autobiography birds and avian symbolism Bisexuality blackmail Bloomsbury Bohemianism Sandro Botticelli Benjamin Britten Camp Canada Homosexuality as Capital Crime Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio Edward Carpenter Constantine P. Cavafy Benvenuto Cellini Ancient Celts Censorship and Obscenity Gay Churches Decadence and Degeneration Charles Demuth deviance and deviation Dionysus Donatello Norman Douglas Historical Semantics of Effeminacy Ancient Egypt H. Havelock Ellis Enlightenment Ethics Ethnophaulism Film Gustave Flaubert Flower Symbolism E. M. Forster Michel Foucault Fruit Ganymede Gay Gay Studies Social Geography Théodore Géricault Gesture and Body Language Gay Ghettos Government Duncan Grant Ancient Greece Gay Guides Nameless Sin (or Crime) Narcissus Nature and the Unnatural Nazism New York City Novels and Short Fiction Obesity Sexual Objectification Sexual Orientation Orpheus Papacy Paranoia Lesbian and Gay Parents Philo Judaeus of Alexandria Polymorphous Perverse Francis Poulenc Psychoanalysis Psychotherapy Queen Queer Resorts Earl of Rochester Ernst Röhm Ancient Rome Marquis de Sade Sadomasochism Satiation Gay Semiotics Sexism Sissy Social Construction Approach/Theory Social Work Sodoma (Giovanni Antonio Bazzi) Sotadic Zone Lytton Strachey Taste Alfred Lord Tennyson Nikola Tesla Third Sex Transvestism (Cross-Dressing) Typology Erotic Urination Utopianism Greek Vase Painting Luchino Visconti Andy Warhol Johann Joachim Winckelmann Ludwig Wittgenstein Women's Names for Male Homosexuals

Daniel Eisenberg, Florida State University (Distinguished Research Professor) — : Manuel Azañٌa Luis Cernuda Miguel de Cervantes Drugs Manuel de Falla Fantasies Granada Antonio Pérez Phone and Computer Sex Pornography Prostate Safe Sex Spain

Lillian Faderman, California State University, Fresno — : Boston Marriage Emily Dickinson Female Romantic Friendship

Lucy J. Fair, New Orleans — : New Orleans

Stephen Wayne Foster, Miami — : Adelswärd Fersen Afghanistan Sir Richard Burton Ralph Chubb Charles Fourier Henry B.Fuller Pirates Poetry Travel and Exploration Edward Perry Warren Oscar Wilde

Peter Gach, San Francisco — : Karol Szyrnanowski

Bruce-Michael Gelbert, New York City — : Opera

Joseph Geraci, Amsterdam (Netherlands) — : Pedophilia

Evelyn Gettone, New York City — : Margaret Anderson Djuna Barnes Bilitis Jane Bowles Willa Cather Hilda Doolittle Dyke Janet Flanner Novels and Short Fiction Lesbian and Gay Parents Vita Sackville-West Sappho Lesbian Separatism Ethel Smyth Gertrude Stein Marina Tsvetaeva Renée Vivien Sylvia Townsend Warner Virginia Woolf

Antonio A. Giarraputo, Boston — : Boston

Julio Gomes, Lisbon (Portugal) — : Portugal

Joseph P. Goodwin, Ball State University, Muncie, IN — : Gay Male Folklore

Edward F. Grier, University of Kansas, Lawrence — : Walt Whitman

J. S. Hamilton, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA — : Edward II, King of England

Gert Hekma, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) — : Jacob Israel de Haan Violence

Gregory Herek, Graduate Center, City University of New York — :

Manfred Herzer, Berlin (German Federal Republic) — : Berlin Germany

Bret Hinsch, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA — : China

Tom Horner, New Bern, NC — : New Testament Old Testament

Ward Houser, New York City — : Alfred Adler AIDS Black Gay Americans anal sex animal homosexuality anti-semitism and antihomosexuality Aversion Therapy Celibacy Dance David and Jonathan Denmark Sergei Diaghilev Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Education Ego-dystonic Homosexuality Eleanor Roosevelt T. S. Eliot Ronald Firbank Charles T. Griffes New Testament Frank O'Hara Old Testament ONE, Inc. Oppression Oral Sex Cole Porter San Francisco Jean-Paul Sartre Suetonius Television Templars Toilet Sex Washington, D.C.

Robert Howes, University of Cambridge (England) — : Fernando Pessoa

Warren Johansson, Gay Academic Union, New York City — : abomination abrahamic religions Achilles adhesiveness Alcibiades Alexander the Great Arnold Aletrino Amazons—Classical Hans Christian Andersen Saint Thomas Aquinas Aristophanes astrology Athenaeus of Naucratis Authoritarian Personality Honoré de Balzac Benjamin Banneker Marquis Cesare Bonesana Beccaria Edmund Bergler Théodore de Bèze François Le Metel de Boisrobert Julius Caesar Jean-Jacques-Régis Cambacérès Sir Roger Casement Castrati Vladimir Fiodorovich Chizh Christina, Queen of Sweden Cicero Dandyism David and Jonathan Decriminalization Discrimination Disgust Alfred Lord Douglas Dreaming Gender Dysphoria Economics Espionage Etiology Etymology Eugene of Savoy, Prince Prince Philipp zu Eulenburg Eunuchs Faggot Lists of Famous Homosexuals Belief in Fascist Perversion Belief in Fascist Perversion Sandor Ferenczi France Frederick the Great, King of Prussia Freemasonry Sigmund Freud Freudian Concepts Male Friendship Functioning Gay Studies Gender Jean Genet Stefan George Henry Gerber André Gide Epic of Gilgamesh Homosexuality as a Denial of God General Charles George Gordon Graffiti Ancient Greece Greek Anthology Napoleon Nationalism Nero Wilfred Owen Homosexual Panic Paragraph 175 Paris Particular Friendships Walter Pater Pederasty Joséphin Péladan Penitentials Perversion Pink Triangle August Count von Platen Plato Poland Police Prejudice Gay Press Privacy Private Presses Prostitution Nikolai Przhevalski Psychiatry Psychology Public Schools Recruitment Concept Wilhelm Reich Arthur Rimbaud Frederick Rolfe Rorschach Test Vasily Vasilievich Rozanov Denis Sanguin de Saint-Pavin George Santayana Medieval Scandinavia Franz Schubert Scientific-Humanitarian Committee Scythians Sexually Transmitted Diseases Shamanism Ted Shawn Sixteenth-Century Legislation Slavery Socrates Sodom and Gomorrah Sodomy Stereotype E. I. Prime Stevenson Stonewall Rebellion Gay Students Gay Subculture Suicide Harry Stack Sullivan Tacitus Talmud Peter I. Tchaikovsky Transsexual Tribade Turkey Unisexual Uranianism Variant Paul Verlaine Théophile de Viau Victimless Crime Voltaire Andrew Dickson White William III, King of England Witchcraft Wolfenden Report Gustav Wyneken

Jim Jones, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant — : Rainer Fassbinder Benedict Friedlaender Alfred Redl Anna Elisabet Weirauch

Simon Karlinsky, University of California, Berkeley — : Russia and USSR

Marita Keilson-Lauritz, Amsterdam (Netherlands) — : Hubert Fichte Bruno Vogel

Hubert Kennedy, San Francisco — : Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

George Klawitter, Viterbo College, Lacrosse, WI — : Richard Barnfield Jack Spicer

Paul Knobel, Sydney (Australia) — : Burma Etruscans

Jan Laude, Bloomington, IN — : Lesbian Folklore

John Lauritsen, New York City — :

John Alan Lee, University of Toronto (Canada) — : aging beaches

Jim Levin, City College (CUNY), New York City — : Novels and Short Fiction United States

Steven L. Lewis, Fort Wayne, IN — : Chicago

Lingānanda, New York City — :

Phoebe Lloyd, Philadelphia — : Washington Allston

Donald Mader, Amsterdam (Netherlands) — : Fred Holland Day Wilhelm von Gloeden Pedophilia Photography

Dolores Maggiore, East Northport, NY — :

Theo van der Meer, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (Netherlands) — : Netherlands

Dietrich Molitor, University of Siegen (German Federal Republic) — :

Luiz Mott, University of Bahia Salvador (Brazil) — : Brazil

Stephen O. Murray, Instituto Obregbn, San Francisco — : Ackerley sub-saharan Africa Amazonia Andean cultures Ruth F. Benedict Harold Nicolson Pacific Cultures role Sociology

Peter Nardi, Pitzer College, Claremont, CA — : alcoholism

Joan Nestle, Lesbian Herstory Archive, New York City — : Butch-Fern Relationships

Eugene O'Connor, Irvine, CA — : Canaanites Pindar

Michael Patrick O'Connor, Ann Arbor, MI — :

William Olander, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City — : Video

William A. Percy, University of Massachusetts, Boston — : as images: Aeschylus Alexandria Austria Boston ByzantineEmpire Cambridge and Oxford Canon Law Catullus St. John Chrysostom Peter Damian demographic factors Epicureanism Exiles and Emigrés Fascism France Frederick II Hohenstaufen, Holy Roman Emperor Gnosticism Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Modern Greece Gross Indecency Gymnasia Neoplatonism Olympic Games Patristic Writers Petronius Philosophy Plautus Plutarch Protestantism Marcel Proust Public Schools Roman Emperors Sexual Liberty and the Law Sicily Social Democracy Solicitation Solon Sparta Symposia Templars Thebes Theocritus Theognis Tibullus
and as text files: Aeschylus Alexandria Austria Boston Byzantine Empire Cambridge and Oxford Canon Law Catullus St. John Chrysostom Peter Damian demographic factors Epicureanism Exiles and Emigrés Fascism France Frederick II Hohenstaufen, Holy Roman Emperor Gnosticism Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Modern Greece Gross Indecency Gymnasia Neoplatonism Olympic Games Patristic Writers Petronius Philosophy Plautus Plutarch Protestantism Marcel Proust Public Schools Roman Emperors Sexual Liberty and the Law Sicily Social Democracy Solicitation Solon Sparta Symposia Templars Thebes Theocritus Theognis Tibullus

Michel Philip, University of Massachusetts, Boston — : Quebec

Brian Pronger, Toronto (Canada) — : athletics Gay Games William Tilden

Geoff Puterbaugh, Cupertino, CA — : north Africa Mary Renault John Addington Symonds Thailand Alan Turing Twin

Michel Rey, Paris (France) — : Male Friendship

Ritch Savin-Williams, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY — : Self-esteem Youth

Paul Gordon Schalow, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ — : Ihara Saikaku Samurai

Maarten Schild, Utrecht (Netherlands) — : Abu Nuwas Ghulamiyya Rumi Sa'di Sufism

Jan Schippers, Schorer Stichtung, Amsterdam (Netherlands) — :

Kathy D. Schnapper, School of Visual Arts, New York City — : Romaine Brooks

Udo Schüklenk, Waltrop (German Federal Republic] — : Arthur Schopenhauer

Laurence Senelick, Tufts University, Medford, MA — : Françoise Marie Antoinette Joseph Saucerotte a k a Raucourt Theatre and Drama Theatrical Transvestism Variety, Revue, and Cabaret

Charley Shively, University of Massachusetts, Boston — : anarchism Robert Duncan Francis Grierson Rent Guyon Raymond Roussel Carl Wittman

Rodney Simard, California State University, San Bernardino — : Joe Orton William Shakespeare Tennessee Williams

Frederik Silverstolpe, Lund (Sweden) — : Sweden

G. S. Simes, University of Sydney (Australia) — : Australia Slang Words for Homosexuals

Pedro J. Sukez, Boston — :

Clark L. Taylor, San Francisco — :

John Taylor, Angers (France) — : Modern Greece

David Thomas, University of California, Santa Cruz — : Political Theory

C. A. Tripp, Psychological Associates, Nyack, NY — : Effeminacy Fetishes

Randolph Trumbach, Baruch College (CUNY), New York City — : England

Arthur C. Warner, American Association for Personal Privacy, Princeton — : Sexual Liberty and the Law Solicitation

James D. Weinrich, University of California, San Diego — : Plethysmography Sociobiology

Frederick L. Whitam, Arizona State University, Tempe — : Philippines

Walter L. Williams, University of Southern California, Los Angeles — : Amazons—American Indian Berdache

Leslie Wright, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY — :

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