Famous Homosexuals and Bisexuals

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Note from Paul about Great Gay Scholars:

These are the scholars who have made the greatest contribution to the history of male homosexuality, that is, to making its extent known and to articulating what “gay” (homosexuality) means. (It is not a list of great scholars who happen to be gay or bisexual.) Not all of the scholars are gay so their sexuality is stated where known. Homosexuality I define as “sexual and/or strong affectional relationships between persons of the same sex”. This definition was arrived at following 20 years of research for my Encyclopedia of Male Homosexual Poetry (first 2002; second edition 2005) and is based on Alfred H. Kinsey’s definition in his Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948), p. …. : I thank Bill Percy of Boston for help…. Gay activists (eg Hössli) have frequently been scholars since they have had to make scholarly investigations to support their work. The word queer as a synonym for homosexuality has latterly been used by some scholars; I think it inadequate besides being insulting. Homosexuality was illegal in the western world from the rise of puritanical Christianity (See Founcault below) and that illegality exported to its colonies such as the United States, India and Japan, a large proportion of the world’s land mass. The works of many works of these authors, especially those born before 1930, are available free on the internet (eg Gesner).

The list has been culled from my Famous Homosexuals and Bisexuals, a database which contains 5,176 entries (only males). Most of these scholars have published many works on homosexuality and readers may check further for such works and works on them in union catalogs such as Worldcat, COPAC (in Great Britain) or Trove (in Australia) as well as national libraries such as the Dethsche Bibliothek in Germany, the Biblioth´que Nationale in France, the … in Spain. All these catalogs are now available free on the internet; virtually none was in 2002. Worldcat, with 1 billion records, is the largest such catalog. Readers need to be aware that such is the present state of cataloging of the world’s books that for full details of world...

I went to my Mac computer club today and was able to put into a file Famous Homosexuals and Bisexuals and the material comes to 180,000 words (this is only the Name and Comment fields and total data is much bigger; I also have a special field in which I copy Wikipedia entries and the like which has not been counted). That is : 3 PhDs. (The problem about length is that you cant do a world count in a database, in this case Filemaker Pro version 9). I was amazed I have to say; this has been done in less than a year since I started about September last year,

I am now working on finalizing the entries with a view to publication in about a year. I only have 87 Canadians versus 171 Australians so may have to prune Australians. The Canadians are damn interesting however eg Cranston Toller.

I must tidy up the mistakes in Bibliography of Homosexuality: non-English items and get it published on a proper cd. This should be very soon.

I am also finalizing Martin Smith: Australia's first gay historian. The man was a hoot. It will be about 4-5000 words; I have 3300 drafted and it is nearly ready. I will send you a copy.

See also Donald McLeods bibliograply of gay activism in Canada and Tom Warner's book. Both very fine works.

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