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Disseminating scholarship on the printed page in the twenty-first century is analogous to publishing it on manuscripts during the sixteenth century. The Internet is now no longer like Cunabula (books printed before 1500)---rare commodities even then. It is in fact now rapidly displacing print on paper. Look at what Wikipedia is doing to the Encyclopedia Britannica! Printed dictionaries and bibliographies likewise are becoming obsolete because their online counterparts are so easy to update. Expenses, delays, and storage problems are also forcing scholarly journals to go online. Why not monographs (which sell too few copies to be cost-effective), syntheses, and textbooks, as well?

Tim Berners-Lee posted the first World Wide Web site in 1990, and just over a decade later, in January, 2001, Jimmy Wales launched the Wikipedia. Four years later, in 2005, Nature favorably compared Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica for accuracy. Wikipedia now bests the Britannica for completeness of content with 200 languages and fifteen times the number of articles.

Here, on my website, you will find the latest about Gabe - gay Abraham Lincoln - outing, marriage ages in Ancient Rome, pederasty and pedagogy in Archaic Greece, homosexual history, theory, & practice, the egregious fallacy of the Presumption of Heterosexuality, the even worse doctrine of extreme Social Constructionism as espoused by individuals such as David Halperin, the notorious Percys & their admirers & critics, and little me.

From time to time and increasingly as I get more hits to this website, I receive most gratifying e-mails from former students, colleagues, acquaintances, and even total strangers. The positive communications make me ever so happy, or should I say, as I approach my seventy-fourth birthday, thankful. The fact that I have a website, however, no doubt creates the mistaken impression that I can personally reply to e-mail. In fact, I can not even type! Worse, perhaps, my handwriting has now become (except to a very few skilled experts) illegible, often even to me. My most feasible mode of communication is therefore over the phone. Those who wish to hear back from me should include a phone number in their e-mails with convenient times of day (my time U.S. Eastern Standard) for me to call them, wherever they may be. I have cheap phone service and my voice is still mostly audible despite a growing hoarseness and tendency to slur, which, on top of my Southern-cum-Middlesex accent, makes my interminable telephone harangues, ever more disorganized and rambling - often a bit difficult to understand even if perfectly intelligible to me.

Why I stayed a Republican for far too long and why I finally left the GOP.

Because I have a heart I began as a socialist, then when I grew up and matured and got my first full-time job and sound mind I became a democrat and voted for Kennedy in 1960, but because of the atrocities and economic disasters of Vietnam in 1967 I became a Republican. I agreed with Bertrand Russell’s War Crimes Trial of LBJ in Stockholm.

At Princeton, I was the first to accept as an equal Ralph Nader. Uncouth, awkward, and gangly, he hailed from a poor recently emigrated Arab Christian family who ran a diner in Connecticut. Like him, I couldn’t hold my nose and vote for that Southern Baptist soi disant populist Gore, who insisted during the campaign, against GWB’s stance on nation-building. Ralph was the only candidate who made sense. I became an Independent shortly after Saddam fell. (I had presumed that he would be sensible and resign but I didn’t believe that we would actually occupy Iraq rather than just give him me so grief a la George Bush I).

The liberalism of my old school graduate Bill Weld (I was valedictorian at Middlesex eleven years before he was) and of his wife Anne Roosevelt, whose great grandfather went hunting on my Great Uncle LeRoy’s plantation in Mississippi, where the President refused to shoot a cub (hence Teddy Bear). Weld, with his old Harvard gay roommate Mitch Adams as his chief aide, promised great things for gays here in the Commonwealth. They seemed much preferable to the homophobic Democrats – John Silber backed by Billy Bulger (whose brother Whitey is still on the FBI’s ten most wanted list).

Jesse Helms had blocked Weld’s bid to become Ambassador to Mexico because Anne had contributed to Jesse’s African-American Democratic opponent for senate in North Carolina. Weld’s successor Paul Cellucci, though not so bright, went off to Canada as Ambassador before his term was up. His replacement Lieutenant Governor Jane Swift became the first female governor after Cellucci went to Ottawa. She ran for re-election upon the advice of my old African American friend Abner Mason, a graduate from Harvard College, with a Sharecropper background, one of the founders of the Log Cabin Club, she chose the openly gay former Mayor of Melrose, Massachusetts, Patrick C. Guerriero as a running-mate. While he was running for Lieutenant Governor on Swift’s ticket, he was invited to speak at UMB by our Chapter of the College Republic which I was still sponsoring, and to my delight he accepted our invitation. But before the date Guerriero was to speak, Romney’s entrance in to the race aborted his and Jane’s campaign he then became Head of The National Log Cabin Club. After that despairing of the state as well as the national Republicans I quit sponsoring the College Republicans, severing all ties I had with the Republican Party and became a Naderite, whom I had backed since 2000.

At about that point, with the GOP in Mass under Romney’s control and the Bush II team running the White House, engineering the downfall of America I finally gave up on both parties – too late to be sure but like Ralph I found the Democrats in Mass and in Washington so distasteful that I became a full-fledged Naderite. Like me mea culpa, I guess Ralph, sua culpa, made mistakes in running twice, because awful as the Democrats are and, like the Republicans, under total control of special interests, none of them could possible have done as much damage as Bush II, who in his first campaign had opposed Gore’s nation building and whose much more intelligent father had actually reduced military expenditures some of whose cuts continued through long-range planning under Clinton.

Bush II has finished the destruction of America that Johnson began with his Vietnamese atrocities and their devastation of the American economy from which we had barely managed to recover under Clinton, and indeed of Western Civilization itself that World War I had begun. I agree with Nader that both major parties are beyond repair, with Gore Vidal that the country is beyond repair, and with Chalmers Johnson: Nemesis-the last days of the American Empire.

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