GLBTQI Taliban is as evil as the religious fanatics of Islam and Christianity

From William A. Percy
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Did anyone hear (Rep) Barney Frank speaking (on C-SPAN) on the floor of Congress yesterday? Defending his support for a bill to help get equal rights to homosexual citizens?

Who are the ones fighting the bill? Homosexuals and trans people, all "gays" who make lots of money and get lots of celebrity and benefits from doing what is popular. Appearing to be "pure" makes them look and feel good. Despite the obvious fact that in America not many "perfect" bills get through Congress, much less get signed by the President.

Who are these "experts" who want only a bill that is pure, including every possible person? It is as if they are saying that if one of their brothers or sisters has a chance to get some benefit, and they don't, they will try to prevent that brother or sister from getting the benefit. And who made them the politically correct cops to decide what everyone should believe. They have also spent most of their efforts trying to force us to use only terms "they" approve of. As if they are experts on not only homosexuality, but also on politically or religiously correct beliefs. Whic makes them like the Islamic taliban that destroys the statutes of other religions. As did Christians also.

I was there when Virginia Prince, in the 60s told Don Slater and the others at the Hollywood Bowl concert we were enjoying, that Transvestia should NOT be listed in a homosexual guide, as they were NOT hnomosexual. They did not work for homosexual issues. NOW they are eager to use the clout gotten for the homosexual movement by the pioneers of the community, a brave few, and without putting much effort into the political and educational work, they want the benefits without the work. What is that old saying, "they have not paid their dues."

If homosexual Americans and our allies do not have enough common sense to ignore these fanatics, we deserve to suffer longer under discrimination. As it is, very few homosexuals have ever given any time, energy and money to help their cause, so it makes little difference to them anyway. They, like those early people in Americca who did nothing to support the efforts to free us from England, will benefit without paying their dues. And in many cases the few who do seek to help will support the 'celebrity" gays who do little but talk lots, usually nonsense, but manage to get on the tv talk shows and have movie stars come to their benefits.. As is the case here when they work to stop our progress. They deserve to be exposed as the traitors they are. And let the trans people fight their battle, we will help, as we could with the bis, who also have done little for the homosexual cause. but as the civil rights fights of women, blacks, hispanics, atheists, etc are not the same, who has the time, energy and money to work for all of them? The answer is that most people do nothing for any of them.

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