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By common consent, Giovanni Dall’Orto is the leading scholar of the history of homosexuality in Italy. Those living in other countries tend to be unaware of the fact that Italian literature and history provide an incomparable storehouse of relevant information. This holds not only for the Renaissance, when renewed study of the writings of classical antiquity offered new perspectives, but of other periods as well, not excluding the recent past.

Early on Dall’Orto realized that this work would require careful attention to the linguistic nuances of the texts. This led to a substantial study of the historical semantics of the vocabulary of male homosexuality in Italy.

Giovanni Dall”Orto was born in 1958 in Milan, where he still lives. His university studies were in classics, but he currently works as a journalist and writer. He became a gay activist in 1976, committing himself increasingly also to history and scholarship, From 1985 to 1998 he published extensively in the monthly Babilonia. From 1999 onwards he has worked with the monthly Pride, of which he serves as general editor. He has had great success in enriching the gay aspects of the Italian edition of Wikipedia.

In texts written under his own name, Giovanni Dall’Orto is represented in the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, found elsewhere on this site. Fortunately, most of his writings are available at his website

Dall'Orto Document forwarded to me by Wayne

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Books by Giovanni Dall’Orto:

Leggere omosessuale. Bibliografia, Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Turin, 1983;
Aids [with Dr. Riccardo Ferracini], Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Turin, 1985 [four editions];
La pagina strappata. Interviste su omosessualità e cultura, Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Turin, 1985;
Figli diversi (written with his mother, Paola Dall'Orto), Sonda, Turin, 1991 [fourth ed.: 1999];
Manuale per coppie diverse, Editori Riuniti, Rome, 1994 [two editions].

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