Health and finances shade our views - Billy Glover email

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As far as I know Ginsberg never had any contact with ONE. He was colorful, that helped hi get publicity. In a sense the same way Capote did, but he DID something for the cause-Truman didn't.

I know you must be frustrated And of course I understand anyone wanting to get to California. I am happy here, but that is partly because I am secure here and in a sense have done my part for the cause and now am lucky to have the internet to keep speaking out-even when no one wants to hear me.

The irony for me is that I am in a place that hAs a "free" hospital-LSU Hospital is also LSU Med school. I have Medicare and Medicaid, so it doesn't cost me anything. But I think it doesn't cost anyone anything if they can't afford it. Again, ironically, it was originally in my youth the "Confederate " Memorial Hospital mainly for black citizens. Now it is a great teaching hospital, as is the one in New Orleans. I think our "Indian" governor is also trying to privatize Medicare for Louisiana. Not sure what will happen. My local media is good, in a sense even gay-friendly. And I feel strange that so far, considering I didn't take care of myself, that my health seems ok. And, perhaps it is my feeling "secure" and am not long for this world that I still have an optimistic view of things. It is certainly justified when you know the history of this movement. We have been extremely successful. So if we could do this and we are all still working on making it even better, so can all citizens-and maybe Tuesday's elections are a sign they are all nuts.

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