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Dear Prancing Percival,

Here is a real life application of Morelli's method, for your amusement.

(I paste a wiki-paragaph for review.) "The Morellian method is based on clues offered by trifling details rather than identities of composition and subject matter or other broad treatments that are more likely to be seized upon by students, copyists and imitators. Instead, as Carlo Ginzburg analyzed the Morellian method,[2] the art historian operates in the manner of a detective, "each discovering, from clues unnoticed by others, the author in one case of a crime, in the other of a painting". These unconscious traces— in the shorthand for rendering the folds of an ear in secondary figures of a composition, for example— are unlikely to be imitated and, once deciphered, serve as fingerprints do at the scene of the crime. The identity of the artist is expressed most reliably in the details that are least attended to.[3] The Morellian method has its nearest roots in Morelli's own discipline of medicine, with its identification of disease through numerous symptoms, each of which may be apparently trivial in itself.[4]"

Consider this triptych, featuring images of Barack Obama, Sr.; Barack Obama Jr.; and Frank Marshall Davis.


Look carefully at the shape of the lips, the philtrum (grooves between nose and mouth, ear (lobes, or lack thereof) and overall contour of the head. After seeing it, I highly doubt that Obama has any genetic connection to the goat-herder from Kenya. So the "birthers" have been barking up the wrong tree all along! BO, it seems, is the all-American product of two Kansans, Stanley Ann Dunham, and Frank Marshall Davis!

And this Frank Marshall Davis, who, I'll bet my unused nuts, was Barack Obama's REAL FATHER, was a very interesting character. Besides being a Communist Organizer with a huge FBI file, he was the author (as "Bob Greene") of something called: Sex Rebel: Black (Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet) and Horizontal Cameos (on "working women," presumably black prostitutes.) And, just for kicks, check out these wild bondage & discipline pix of Stanley Ann Dunham that Frank took in his home when she was 14-18.


Talk about a REAL COOL 1950's kinkster vibe! Makes me want to buy a black leather jacket and ride around on a motorcycle!

So I think that we -- the Conservative White segment of America to which I unwillingly belong -- are going to have to categorize Frank Davis as one of those Bad, Sexual, Political Negroes straight out of White America's Darkest, tackiest, paperbackiest Imagination. A DEBAUCHER of everything (white) Americans hold dear, politically and sexually. Someone who KNOWS exactly where the white women are at. I wonder what your ancestors would have made of such a man, Bill?  ;) This material on "Frank" is really going to LIGHT THE OBAMA-HATERS UP, I fear. Things are going to get VERY ugly, VERY fast.

I personally am quite thrilled with these revelations of Obama's colorful cultural background. It makes perfect sense that he went to Chicago and started doing community organizing work, because that's exactly what FRANK had done. Because of Obama's open-hearted generosity to the gay community, I will declare up front: Obama is the first president for whom I would consider crying if he got shot. Unfortunately, the images which I am sending you are exactly the kind of thing which will fire up the lurid imaginations of those marginal, disenfranchised, weird people who shoot presidents. By my estimation, the chances of Obama getting shot have just gone up from 30% to 80%, and my prophecy, WHICH GOD AVERT, is that it will happen soon after his narrowly-contested election to a second term, by some white guy who got fired, lost his house and family, and "just couldn't take it any more."

My older brother had a huge stack of 1970's racially-themed porny paperbacks with titles like MANDINGO and PASSION PLANTATION, which I "read," by which I mean that I turned to the pages where the corners were conveniently turned down. This seems to be where our national cultural life is headed, once the Average American gets a hold of these images. Strange Fruit, indeed!

God help us all; and God Save the President!

---Mark Miner

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