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The largest proportion of material on this site deals with homosexuality. Or rather, homosexualities. Because from historical and cross-cultural perspectives, homosexuality isn't one thing (see sidebar). Here are the three major 'collections' of material on Williamapercy.com dealing with homosexuality:

Encyclopedia of Homosexuality "This definitive reference work is the first to interrelate and synthesize the outpouring of controversial and often contradictory information on all aspects of male and female homosexuality and bisexuality," noted the publishers upon the encyclopedia's 1990 release. That year Library Journal named it a 'Best reference book,' and Choice declared it an 'Outstanding academic book.' All 770 articles from this pathbreaking encyclopedia (edited by Wayne R. Dynes) are available here as scanned, searchable PDF files. Handy indexes are by subject, topic area, author, and title. As well, there's a biographical index with references to particular historical and cultural figures. Content is searchable via the Williamapercy.com search bar and has been well indexed by Google. Despite rave reviews, the encyclopedia was withdrawn and pulped by Garland Publishing in 1995. (Click here to find out why.)

Category:Scholars and Activists The focus in this section is work by and about notable individuals ?€? sometimes marginal, sometimes little-known, sometimes famous or well-established, sometimes celebrated, sometimes oppressed for their politics or writings ?€? but all edgy and controversial. Content in this section is organized by individuals' names, takes a variety of forms (from essays to emails), and covers diverse topics. Content is searchable via the site's search bar and has been well indexed by Google. Browse through all the rich offerings.

?€? The 8 P's ?€? Here are 8 'scenic lookouts' from which to get a view of the extraordinary range of scandalous material on Williamapercy.com. What are the 8 P's? Exactly the topics that today's 'LGBT' activists and ever-more-mainstream academics want to bury and suppress: 1) Pederasty ?€? includes not only those who lust after teenagers, which is of course most of humanity, but those who actually touch them in a sexual way. Not to be confused, as is increasingly done both clinically and legally, with pedophiles. 2) Pornographers ?€? Producers or purveyors of prose or art intended to incite lust. 3) Public Homosexual Sex ?€? What straight people engage in routinely in public-holding hands, kissing?€?will still get you bashed if you?€?re gay. 4) The Promiscuous ?€? One reason gays are condemned. Then the so called "leaders" of the newly puritanical gay rights movement, clamored for same-sex marriage.... 5) Prostitutes (homosexual) and their johns ?€? Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator is always debatable, of course. So jail them both! Add more harmless innocents to a prison population that ?€? thanks to the war on drugs ?€? exceeds the number in the U.S. military but not the cost thereof. 6) Paraphilia and Paraphernalia ?€? From dildos and rubber or leather apparel to cat-o'-nine-tails, whether they're sadists or mascochists, tops or bottoms, masters or slaves, golden-shower queens, or worse, they're all condemned as 'sick,' 'victims,' and 'abusers,' especially the same-sex ones. Along with S&M, into this category is (improperly?) lumped transgender and transsexuals. 7) Les Po??tes Maudits ?€? From the before Greeks and Latins, through the Uranians and French decadents ?€? Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine ?€? to the present ?€? sinners all! Obscene, vile, pederastic, misogynistic, elitist, pornographic, whorish, blasphemous, drug-crazed, pagan, heretical, atheistic. 8) Planters ?€? Among the most reviled of all, this group includes all of our two-term presidents before Abraham Lincoln. In fact, if you count serfs and sharecroppers as virtual slaves, it includes almost all of the elites in all ancient, feudal, and early modern societies whose achievements rested on the forced labor of a class that was subject to exploitation of all kinds including sexual.

LGBTQ vs. Homosexualities

The success of the the so-called 'LGBT movement,' has often served to dumb-down the actual history and character of homosexuality.

Homosexuality isn't an alphabet soup of 'identities'. Neither is it any one, single thing.

The center of gravity of male homosexuality ?€? across cultures, even species ?€? has been pederastic (men and adolescent boys) and transsexual (men with feminized men).

Today's ideal-celebrated-in-the-breach ideal of monogamous matrimony, among same-age, same-class males is a form of homosexuality that has never been evident or desired.

The gay movement is increasingly defined in relation an imperative to deny these historical facts, and around the world today the continuing reality of actual homosexuality.

LGBTQ has become worse than an empty signifier. Like other social movements that promised freedom and ended in immense human destruction ?€? revolutionaries from the French to the Russian and Chinese to nationalisms of all kinds ?€? it's not clear how successful the LGBT movement has been been in either increasing justice, fairness, and human decency.

Many of the texts here address this imbalance.

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