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Inmate Counts

“New Inmate Counts in US Dwarfs Other Nations” fails to mention one of the fastest rising and disproportionally sentencing crimes – those involving sex – for the disparities in the incarceration rates in the US from other advanced countries. Recently, the US and France have witnessed a five-fold increase in their respective prison populations, whereas the UK has witnessed an increase of 6,834 (8.2%) from 75,485 inmates to 82,319 inmates over the past year.

Those convicted of sex offences are routinely labeled potentially dangerous, high recidivists and retained indefinitely even after they have served ever more draconian terms. Enraged by the closed-minded “child sexual abuse industry” which suppresses contrary evidence, the public, convinced of the inevitability and horrible damaging effects of any intergenerational sex, demand ever more drastic punishments – a cause enthusiastically enacted by legislators and enforced by appointed, as well as elected judges, and very rarely commuted by executives.

Those perpetrating sexual offences including those considered statutory rape, if the “victim” however willing is under eighteen, instead of formerly under fourteen or sixteen, even if the perpetrator himself is also under eighteen, are permanently condemned. Even a boy of six has been arrested by the police for slapping a classmate on the buttocks. The publication of sex offender lists, with addresses of home and workplace, has already occasioned vigilante action including murders. For example, one man murdered in the UK wasn’t even a sex offender but just presumed to be by a group of thugs. In Florida, where real estate prices are plummeting, a buyer has sued to have his purchase contract voided because the seller or real estate agent had not warned him that a sex offender lived next door.

Women as well as men are sentenced, being presumed to have devastated and ruined for life their teenage male “victims” for life. Because they are under eighteen, and in the opinion of certain psychologists and other “protectors” of the young, how could those poor juveniles understand that their actions permanently traumatise them? Furthermore, more liberally minded “lenient” judges are denounced and told to resign by “expert advocates for children”. These fanatics demand compulsory life sentences, and any considerations of accentuating circumstances are not to be admitted for the “monsters”. Here, sex offenders are treated more harshly than abusive murderers, and several States have even placed certain types of sex offences on their statutes as capital crimes– a sentence that most democracies have long since outlawed.

William A Percy, author of Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece, University of Illinois Press, 1996

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