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(For convenience, I extract this comment from a rather verbose context supplied by Billy.)

Apparently, what we asked to believe (cf. the Wikipedia article) is that the Islamic norm of male-male sex is the opposite of ours: that is, they accept what we prohibit, and prohibit what we accept. What they have accepted, at least historically, is intergenerational sex in which a bearded man penetrates a beardless youth, or catamite. Yet they have, or so they claim, always been against two bearded men having sex with each other.

With us in advanced Western countries--at least in these latter, supposedly enlightened days--it is OK for two adult men or two women to have sex with each other, but not with boys or girls.

I am not sure how valid this chiastic scheme is, but it is an interesting claim. Certainly boy love is rife in Afghanistan and Pakistan today. With truck drivers the practice is virtually universal. Many people in those countries cannot understand why the US and NATO forces are against it. Commonly enough, they even tolerate a wedding linking a man and a boy, but abhor gay marriage as we understand it.

We tend to think of such views as hypocritical, but perhaps in their context they are not.

We expect Third World countries to abandon their vicious homophobia, as indeed we must. But perhaps, in exchange, they would wish us to abandon our horror of intergenerational sex.

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