Letter to Wall Street Journal regarding Daniel Golden's article “New Battleground in Textbook Wars: Religion in History,”

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William A. Percy
William A. Percy
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25 January 2006

Dear Sir or Madam,

I commend Daniel Golden for exposing the efforts of religious fundamentalists to rewrite history (“New Battleground in Textbook Wars: Religion in History,” 25 January). It is disheartening to see them push their dogmas on publishers and state boards of education, while no corresponding effort to report the positive contributions of homosexuals to humanity is made. I have yet to see a college or high school textbook note that a single American president, vice-president, cabinet officer, congressman, senator, governor judge, general, or admiral had same-sex sex. A few texts mention entertainers, artists, and intellectuals as well as persecutions of homosexuals but not that many religious groups and their leaders incite and justify such oppression. Because textbooks universally ignore the existence of heroic gay leaders, students leave school unaware that homosexuals have played significant roles in history, politics, and war. The U.S. military remains the only one of advanced nations to exclude us. No one can contest that children perceived as gay are the most humiliated, bullied, and persecuted group in school and out of it. I urge the Journal to look into this vast conspiracy of silence.

William A. Percy

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