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Three of my four grandparents descended from Southern aristocratic dynasties, many of whom distinguished themselves in the professions of law, medicine, teaching, architecture, and journalism, and even the forth managed to get admitted to the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).

Percys: As Bertram Wyatt-Brown opined in The House of Percy, that the Percy's ranked among American families equal in importance to the Adams and the Lees, an exaggeration in my opinion, but our line had doubtless written better novels than the Adams. Claiming at least bastardly descent from the Earls of Northumberland since the 18th century, the Percys made the most spectacular marriages and had the most insanities, suicides, and publications.

Dents: The first Dent, a graduate of the University of Cambridge, arrived in Maryland before 1650 and soon supplemented his indentured servants with African slaves. His much richer son became the speaker of the Maryland House of Representatives, and the family has been commemorated by the greatest Maryland geneologist (NAME and DATE) with only three others. They intermarried very frequently with the Minors, with more wealth but fewer intellectuals.

Minors: The Minors, although originally named Doodes, also arrived before 1650, but because it was difficult to pronounce the Dutch, renamed themselves Minor and have had a member on the faculty of The University ever since Mr. Jefferson founded it in Charlottesville, the most important of whom, John B. Minor, for whom the law school there is named, signed more diplomas than any other professor in America, who after his long and distinguished career, was eulogized by James Russell Lowell.

Yarboroughs: Even the Yarboroughs, famed for their beauty and athletic skills rather than their wealth and culture, managed to get inscribed in the DAR. They were proud that my grandmother's grandmother, née Caroline Jones, brought a piano across the Appalachians when they moved from Virginia to Harlan County, Kentucky to grow tobacco.


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