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Paul Knobel: Bio-bibliography current to 17 December 2010

Born 1948, Mackay, Queensland, Australia.

Educated at Mackay Central School, Rockhampton Boys Grammar (1962-63) and Church of England Grammar (now Anglican Grammar School), East Brisbane (1964-65)

Lived in Sydney until 1954, then Mackay, North Queensland, Australia until 1964, then Brisbane until 1969, then Sydney until 2005, 2005-06 abroard on research visit, mid 2006 to October 2007 Melbourne, Sydney from October 2007.

B. A. Honours (University of Old, 1969). Honours in English Language and Literature.
M. A. Honours (University of Sydney, 1977). Honours in English Literature.
Diploma of Education (University of New England, 1971).
Teacher's Certificate, Department of Education, New South Wales (1972)

343 published works, including 10 books as listed below. The number of words of published works exceeds 1,470,000 words (this excludes the second printing of the poetry encyclopedia which would take the total (if it is included) to 2,468,000 words). (Compare Manning Clark's History of Australia which came to 1.5 million words (information from Peter Ryan, his publisher, via Sebastian Clark, his son)).


See entries in Marquis Who's Who (2006), Wikipedia (on internet), 2005-F-, Who 's Who of Australian Writers, (Melbourne, 1991); International Authors and Writers Who's Who (14th edition, 1995); Michael Hurley, A Guide to hnbian and Gay Writing in Australia (1996), 156; Marquis Who's Who (1998?); possible entry in International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK, dictionary of important people of the twentieth century. Included as an author in John Arnold and John hay, editors, Bibliography of Australian Literature K-0 to 2000 (2007) and in Austlit (online database relating to Australian literature) which lists over 152 works including all poems from my 3 published volumes to date (136 poems).


1.The theme of death in The Waste Land and the poetry of Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, John Berryman, and Ted Hughes 1957-73. 346 pages, Dated March 1977.
M. A Honours thesis. Published in an edition of 5 copies (one copy in Fisher Library, University of Sydney, one at National Library of Australia, one with author, one with spine cut used to make cdrom (see below) and formerly with English Department, University of Sydney; one copy unaccounted for. Accepted 1977. Length: 100,000 words. Supervisors: Dr. James Tulip (main supervisor), Mr Bill Maidment.
The original typescript with handwritten amendments as submitted was photocopied and these 5 copies bound. Copies: the author (photostat); Department of English, University of Sydney (photocopy returned to the author in 2007 and disbanded to make a scan for the cdrom); Rare Books, University of Sydney Library (original typescript); National Library of Australia (photostat); unknown, possibly Dr James Tulip. The original typescript is with the author. Edition of 5 photostat copies. One each in the University of Sydney Library and the National Library of Australia, 2 for the readers and 1 with the author.

Scanned and published as a cdrom in 2007; see 8 below.

2. Events (Sydney, 1982). 83 pages. Book of 63 poems. 1,000 copies printed.

Reviews of Events: "Several poems are excellent"—Sydney Morning Herald; "excellent"—The Australian; "not a bad poet"—Canberra Times

Comments on Events in letters: "you can't imagine what your book means to me. It shows such an affirming flame"—Manning Clark; I "quite liked" some poems—Patrick White; "very enjoyable"— Leonie Kramer

3. An Encyclopedia of Male Homosexual Poetry and its Reception History. (Sydney, 2002). Cdrom. This consists of 6,300 entries (in a Filemaker Pro Database Version 6 in a runtime version suitable for both Mac and PC) pertaining to 243 languages and covering 118 countries. The database allows for very complex searching and arrangement of data (eg alphabetically and chronologically). Length is 23.9 megabytes at over 1,016,800 words (the main field, the field containing the actual entry is 998,422 words; since there are 6 other fields with a minimum of one word this total is 998,000 plus 6,300 x 6 = 19,8000; 998,000 plus 19,800 equals 1,016800 words)

Endorsements by Wayne Dynes, editor of The Encyclopedia of Homosexuality (1990) and Ian Young, author of The Male Homosexual in Literature (second edition 1982) appear on the CD.

  • It was noticed in The Gay and Lesbian Review (Boston) in the Winter 2002 issue by Professor William Percy, co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality.
  • Review: ISAA Review (refereed journal of the Independent Scholars Association of Australia) vol 2. no. 5 (2003), 51-52 (by Julie Bozza): ""The sheer volume of entries seems utterly comprehensive.... I am impressed by Knobel's comprehensive Encyclopedia, and I happily recommend it to anyone curious about poetry or about male homosexuality and its multifarious modes of expression."
  • "The most wideranging and scholarly reference work on gay poetry to date." (Ian Young, author of The Male Homosexual in Literature in Ian Young Books Catalogue #3, 2003) *Mentioned favourably by Gregory Woods, author of A History of Gay Literature, in a survey of gay and lesbian poetry on the Internet, 2004.

Reprinted in 2009 in a single pdf file. See 9 below.

4. An Encyclopedia of Male Homosexual Art (Sydney, 2005) 8,300 entries in Filemaker Pro database Version 6 which allows for complex searching. Published data is in excess of 90,000 words (a word count of data was done on 17 October 2009 and data extracted at this date with only the first Category and the first Subject (that is not all the information) came to 89,000 words (many entries have more than one Category (eg Painter, Sculptor, Drawing in the case of Michelangelo)and more than one Subject). This work consists of the Name, Birth, Death, School (eg Italian, Japanese), Category (eg Oil painter, Bronze sculptor), and Subject (eg Nude, David and Goliath) fields only.

There is much more data in a field not published which will become the basis of the next edition of the encyclopedia which will have digital images. Over 10,000 digital images have been taken in major art galleries from the Louvre to the National Gallery Washington DC taken in 200506 which can be used since copyright lies with me on them (in 2009 I reshot the Metropolitan Museum NYC (Islamic section was closed due to renovation), the National Gallery Washing DC, The Museum of Fine Art, Cleveland, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (museums voted the top 4 art museums by curators).

5. A World Overview of Male Homosexual Poetry (Washington, DC, 2005) 108 pages; includes index of languages and language groups and bibliography. This work is the language and language group overviews from An Encyclopedia of Male Homosexual Poetry covering 79 languages and language families which langauges systematically cover the world. 62,800 words. 49 copies printed on acid free paper. Copies were distributed to major national and research libraries on all continents.

6. Eighties (Melbourne, 2007). 60 pages. 43 poems. Computer file exists at 9 October 2010.

7. Nineties (Melbourne, 2007). 52 pages. 30 poems. Computer file exists at 9 October 2010.

8. Cdrom of MA thesis cited above as I as a pdf?. (Melbourne, 2007). Edition of 20. Computer file not found on 9 October 2010.

9. An Encyclopedia of Male Homosexual Poetry (2002) (print on paper version) together with A World Overview of Male Homosexual Poetry (2005) (print on paper versions). CDROM. These are each in a pdf file. 200 copies printed in 2009. The length is over 1,000,000 words as noted in 3 above.

10. Bibliography of homosexuality: thereon-English sources. (New York, 2009). 5 copies only on cdrom from this work which covers languages found on Worldcat and arranged by language from A to Z. One copy to Columbia University, New York, one to Harvard University; one each to Dr Wayne Dynes, New York and Professor William A Percy, Boston. One copy in my possession.

The work lists 4,500 items being periodicals, works without authors and works with authors arranged by language with 39 languages covered. It is based on Worldcat entries as at 16-22 June 2009. This work is in 2 sequences (1) author and title with commentary on languages and (2) author, title and subjects. This was done since readers familiar with the languages can easily scan the records using the author title sequence while those who don't know the languages can use the subject sequence for information. Each file can be searched using the File then Find mechanism so both sequences can be searched for a particular word(eg Fashion). The work also includes an introduction with brief mention of works in English relating to many of the languages. The manuscript was published in an edition of 5 copies as a cdrom in pdf file and given to Columbia and Harvard Universities for preservation purposes. Dr Dynes and Professor Percy, as well as being the editor and co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality (2 volumes, 1990) to which I contributed 2 articles, are old friends who allowed me to stay with them in New York and Boston (where I used Harvard Libraries). The work was compiled largely in Columbia University Library with the assistance of the computer assistance lab.

The work has been revised to add further comments on English language works relating to the 39 languages (if such works in do occur in English; in some languages eg Catalan there may not be works in English relating to homosexuality) and as an aid to scholars working in both the English language and other languages. The introductions have also being further edited based on further perusal of the records. The work in an amended version has now been published on the intemet (see below).

Length: 94,000 words for the author-title sequence and 158,000 words for the author-title¬subject sequence, making a total of 252,000 words. The work was used by Wayne Dynes to compile The Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals: Bibliography on the internet from September 2010 at the Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology at

B. A. Honours thesis.

1. "Gustave Dore's Illustrations of Paradise Lost"; 10,000 words. The thesis was submitted handwritten and survives in only one copy of fifty pages which is in the author's possession. Supervisor: Dr. Beverley Sherry. Copy: the author.

2. Cdrom version in course of publishing in 2010.

Internet publications

1. English Homosexual Poetry: An Overview. On the Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology (of Erwin Haeberle, Berlin) at and posted on the internet in October 2009. This consists of the English language United Kingdom and United States overviews from A World Overview of Male Homosexual Poetry. It has been copied to another site by October 2010. Length is 3,017 words.

2. Additions to An Encyclopedia of Male Homosexual Poetry (2002) together with an essay on searching Worldcat. On the Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology (of Erwin Haeberle, Berlin) at¬ and posted on the interne in November 2009. Length: 6,686 words.

3. Bibliography of homosexuality: the non-English sources (Sydney, 2009) (author title sequence only) On the Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology (of Erwin Haeberle, Berlin) at and posted on the internet in December 2009 Finished on 28 October 2009. Length is 94,000 words.

4. World Overview of Male Homosexual Poetry with a new Introduction. On the Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology (of Erwin Haeberle, Berlin) at and posted on the intemet inDecember 2009. Length is 67,000 words.

5. Chinese entries from An Encyclopedia of Male Homosexual Poetry which were published on the Chinese language Ai Bai site (a gay site) in late 2009. Entails from Zhang he, author of a history of homosexuality as illustrated in old books, a librarian at the National Library, Beijing, working in the Old Books Library in inner Beijing, stated that they were very appreciative but could not translate it into Chinese since the information was too difficult. An email from the author of a new book on gayness in Hong stated that he regarded the work highly. Length unknown.

6. Review of Robert Aldrich, Gay Life and Culture: A World History. Offered to Erwin Haeberle on 3 March 2010 for his intemet site, Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, where it appeared. 6,000 words. This was to be submitted to the Journal of Homosexuality but they did not publish when the editor changed after John De Cecco left. Length is 2,974 words.

Pamphlets, chapbooks and folded sheets

1. A Tale of Sydney Uni (Sydney, 1998), 4 pages. Poem. Comments: "a lively satire" —Professor Stephen Knight (email). "fun"–Dame Leonie Kramer (letter)

2. Male Homosexuality and Australian English Language Poetry (Sydney, 1999) 40 pages. Literary criticism and history. Review: Overland, no. 159 (Winter 2000), 131 (by Kerry Leves)

3. A Gay Saga (Sydney, 2004), 6 pages. Poem. Edition of 30 copies.

4. The male homosexual, gay and queer novel in Australia: a bibliography (Sydney: Burke and Wills Press, 2010), 9 pages. Edition of 100 copies. Computer file exists on 9 October 2010.

5. "Maidment" (Sydney, 2010) Poem on 4 folded pages, occupying 3 pages. 50 copies printed on 7 March, 2010. Copies given to the members of the English Departmant, Universituy of Sydney since it is about w. M. Maidment, a former member. Computer file exists on 9 October 2010.


Editor and publisher of the Church Neyrs, an Anglican newspaper published in Sydney. Volume 1 number November 2010 Volume 1 numbetofpecember 2010-12-18 I wrote much of theeopy. Each is about 2000 words.

Audio publication

The Homosexual Caravaggio Sydney, 2004. Cdrom of Caravaggio slide lecture given at CP Photogalleries, Sydney, 4 February 2004. Edition of 50 copies. The lecture, given in February 2004, was provoked by the fact that homosexuality was not mentioned at the seminar on Caravaggio as part of the 2003-04 Art Gallery of New South Wales exhibition Caravaggio and his world; Darkness and Light where 8 Caravaggio's were displayed.

Broadsheets and poem cards

1. On Darlinghurst Hill (1983) Broadsheet. Ordinary edition of 500? Copies and special signed edition of 50 copies. Orange paper.

2. Our Garden (1983). Broadsheet. Ordinary edition of 250? Copies and special edition of 50 signed copies, both on pink cardboard.

3. The Personality ofJesus (April 1986) as a single sheet on green paper.

4. Gelibolu (1991) Christmas card

5. My Homeland (1993) Poemcard.

6. The Friendship Garden (1995) Poemcard.

7. At the National Library (August 1997) Poemcard.

8. Don't Forget (1999) Poemcard.

9. To the New Year (2000) Poemcard. 25 numbered copies

10. Danau Batur (2001) Poemcard on blue paper. 1,050 copies.

11. Defining Forms (2003). Poem. Consists of two copies of the one poem one in green and one in orange 25 copies signed and 25 unsigned.

12. Gilgamesh Fragments (2004) Poemcard in the form of a bookmark on yellow cardboard

13. Gieseking Plays (2005). Green poemcard. 100? Copies

14. Spring in Melbourne (2006). Red poemcard; 2 variations.

15. My Homeland (Melbourne, 2007) 150 copies on orange

16. My Homeland (Melbourne, 2007) 148 copies on orange (different color)

17. My Homeland (Melbourne, 2007) 50 copies on green paper; type variant

18. Universal Responsibilty: the Dali Lama Melbourne (Melbourne, 11 June 2007) 150 copies on yellow board; 2 on red, 3 on orange

19. You (2008) 9 copies

20. At Gleebooks Sale (2008) 11 numbered copies on acid free paper

21. The Personality of Jesus (2008) Poem. 127 copies on purple cardboard. Printed for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Sydney (contains a mistake in that he is called at the bottom Benedict XV).

22. Don't Forget (2010). Printed on mauve cardboard.50 copies?

23. Untitled: for Helen Hewson 69 copies printed.


Eleanor Wrobel (2004) (National Portrait Gallery, Canberra)

Margaret Carnegie (ca. 2002) (National Portrait Gallery, pending)

Bishop Robert Forsyth (2004) (National Portrait gallery, pending). Published in Western Suburbs Courier, ca. October, 2004.

Various photos sent to National Portrait Gallery 2008 (Sydney restaurant workers; William Yang): see letter from Andrew Sayers, 2008

Current major research projects

1. A Dictionary of Australian Gays—in process of writing, 315 entries drafted to 12 June 2001; 477 to 28 October 2008; 559 on 9 October 2010.The dictionary includes both living and deceased persons and is limited to gay males who have made a public contribution, including being imprisoned for homosexuality. It is about two thirds complete.

2. Famous Homosexuals and Bisexuals 3,418 entries as at 17 October 2009; 4.890 entries at 8 October 2010. This work is likely to have over 6,000 entries. (1,500 entries, taken from my 2 encyclopedias and expanded, were worked on in October 2008, when the best estimate was there would be 3,000 entries). The length of the main fields is over 200,000 words; the document is probably twice that length since much material from the internet has been copied into a special reference field (this material is archival material from the intemet). The work is being assembled from all known lists of homosexuals (dating from Phanocles in ancient Greek, though he only refers to gods and heroes who loved men), gay dictionaries and encyclopedias and gay histories (most of these works are in my library either in the original or photocopies, assembled over 25 years). This work is limited only to male homosexuals and bisexuals lived; it also included figures from myth. It is hoped to publish in it hard copy with illustrations.

3. An Australian Gay Chronology, 34,000 words at 8 October 2010

Other current projects

1. An Encyclopedia of Male Homosexual Art, second edition — 8, 715 entries 12 June 2007.

The length is more than 510,000 words at 17 October 2009; this is a reliable count. The Encyclopedia is already a complex research tool on a database, Filemaker Pro 9 with fields containing name, birth, death, school, category, subject, ranking and comment. It is planned to publish an expanded cdrom with digital illustrations and possibly some comment field data. Some of over 8,000 digital images from my trip to Asia, the US and Europe 2005-06 are being inserted. 1,800 files on entries also exist.

2. An Encyclopedia of Male Homosexual Poetry, second edition. This will consist of a poem for the most important English language poets to 1923 and selected poets who agree for a text to be entered for those in copyright. In course of compilation with some poems entered. These poems will be used as the basis of the anthology Great Gay Poems.

Poetry manuscripts completed or in course of composition

1. The Twenty first century: poems 2000-2007. 68 pages. This consists of over 50 poems. A printout exists and one was given to David Wansborough and a computer file to Louise bateson. Computer file exist under title: Title of Book Aug 2007.

2. Poetry 2008-09 This consists of 45 poems.

3. Poems 2008-2010 This consists of some 23 poems

4. Australians: people who made a difference. This is a sequence of brief 3 or 4 line poems based on Australians who "have made a difference" to the country's history.

5. A Short History of the World in Poetry. This work exists only in outline. Each poem is 3 or 4 lines long, as in Australians, which have been drafted have not been found. Poems are short based on major incidents or people.

Unpublished poems: 118 poems plus Australians.

Further current research projects.

These projects are in various stages of completion. They are listed here also to give me some perspective on research. Numbers 7, on Martin Smith, and 20 Gay Fashion Bibliography: Annotated are nearly completed.

1, A History of Male Homosexual Poetry-18 chapters, about 225 pages in length; in process of writing; a first draft of 45,000 words is completed. Chapters 1, Ancient languages, and 2, Greek, are finished; 3 other chapters (including Slavic languages) nearly complete and 4 more drafted.

2. Male Homosexuality and Lesbianism and Australian Art—pamphlet, 50+ pp. 21,000 words drafted. This covers both Aboriginal, European and other introduced art traditions. This is nearly complete. Dates from early 2000s.

3. A History and Ethnography of Gay and Lesbian Bathhouses-8,000 words drafted; with bibliography.

4. Australian Classics An annotated list. Covering all genres, 2,000 words drafted; 9 pages. This project has been put on hold indefinitely due to the difficulty of the material. 5, Homosexuality and the Book of Kells. Article to be about 3,000 words (drafted). Based on the cdrom published in 2000, the only reliable and citable copy of the manuscript. This will deal with homosexuality in monks and proceed from there. 6. Male Homosexuality and Greek Vases. Drafted to 1,500 words. This was drafted in 2007 on return from my 2005-06 research visit to China, Japan, the US, Canada and Europe (including Russia). The vases ewer examined in detail at The Met in New York (in company with the late Professor Eugene Rice, formerly of Columbia University, a renaissance specialist formerly then a gay scholar), in Munich at the Glyptothek and in Athens at the Archaeology Museum and elsewhere where extensive photos were taken.

7. Martin Smith: Australia's first gay historian—drafted to 2,900 words (nearly complete). Drafted in 2007 after examining the author's scrapbooks, a copy of which is in my possession.

8. What is homosexuality? This is to consist of discussion at definitions in encyclopedias and books (eg by Kinsey) in as many languages as I can find and read (only western European languages). I am in process of collecting such works; much exists in my files eg for the entry "Homosexuality" in my Poetry Encyclopedia.

9. Human Male Homosexuality: A World History. To consist of about 200 pages. Researched 64 countries and drafted 20 in January to May 2008. Exhaustive research was done at Macquarie University on this project for 2 months in early 2008.

10. Love me tender, love me sweet—anthology of gay bawdy poems to consist of 50+ poems (drafted). The poems are all listed in the Poetry Encyclopedia under Poem. This will be easy to assemble.

11. Mates and Lovers: A Gay Anthology—an anthology of gay male Australian poems from the 1890s to 2000 of about 40 poets and be about 70 pages (drafted)

12. Great Gay Poems To consist of about one hundred English language poems (based on the Poetry Encyclopedia).

13. Patrick White and Homosexuality. Short draft exists, 2010. This will examine homosexuality from all aspects in Patrick White's work. It will start by examining his conception in the 1930s and then in later life. It will entail reading all his works. Voss for instance in a recent reading has been seen to be gay. I believe homosexuality to be crucial in reading his work.

14. The Great Books Movement (drafted) This is based on my reading of the books in the New Lifetime Reading Plan compiled by Clifton Fadiman and John S. Major (fouth edition, 1997) and comparisons with other lists "gay.

15. Gay Names for Gay Girls This somewhat facetious work is a list of female names for male homosexuals (eg Tante Magnesia for Magnus Hirschfeld, famous German gay researcher and sexologist, and Blanche for Ivor Treby, British gay poet), gathered by me in the course of my research. The title comes from the Gay Girl's Guide (a gay dictionary). It will cover as many cultures as I find. Drafted.

16. A History of Male Homosexual Art, to consist of 21 chapters (draft outline exists), will be compiled after the Encyclopedia of Male Homosexual Art is finished.

17. Homosexuality; a basic bibliography An annotated bibliography of basic works in as many languages as I can find. It will be annotated and has arisen from the two projects Human Male Homosexuality: a world history and Famous homosexuals and bisexuals. About 150 pages. A card file index exists.

18. The contribution of homosexuals to world culture. Gay Fashion Bibliography: Annotated. This work, which is limited to male homosexuality, is two thirds fmished at 17 October 2009 and consists of over 300 entries arranged chronologically. The entries would form the basis of an encyclopedia of gay fashion.


"... and charity in all matters": A Commonplace Book This work is commenced on my computer. File is saved under Commonplace Book.

Poems included in the following anthologies and books:

1. Minute to Midnight: New Writing for Peace and Disarmament, edited by Anna Couani and others (Sydney: Red Spark Books, 1985), 53: "Beirut"

2. Abmused, edited by Romel Albanese and others (Sydney: Token Press, 1986—Sydney University Poetry Society), 29: "The Library"

3. Love and Death, edited by Denis Gallagher (Sydney: Print's Realm, 1987—world's first Aids anthology), 34-35: "Fuekerarna or How to Have Safe Sex"

4. Poets in the Forest (Sydney: Poets' Union, 1992), 36: "Sunset in Pagan"

5. The Book of Poets on the Heath, edited by Kerry Leves and Ellyn Lewis (Katoomba: WindowLedge Publications, 1993), 89-91: "Grandmother"

6. Out of the Woods (Sydney: Poets' Union, 1993), 37: "Father... and Mother"

7. Essential Poetry, ed. Greg McGarity (Sydney: Hip pocket Press, 1994), 44: "Action List"

8. Slipping on Blue Grass (Sydney: Poets' Union, 1994), 54: "Sunrise at Pagan"

9. Free Range (Sydney: Poets Union, 1997), 32: ""Masturbation Haiku"

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25. Live Wires, edited by Sue Hicks (Sydney: Live Poets' Press, 1997), 104-115: 16 poems including the following 11 not previously published— "International Flights", "My Homeland", "The City from Vaucluse", "Te Tiriti o Waitangi", "In Paekje's Ruins", "Going Grey, Salamanca", "In Ibn Tulun's Mosque, Cairo", By the Mekong", "Returning to Australia", "After a Stroke", "An Aboriginal Elegy" and the following poems from Events, "A Conversation with a Friend", "Sleeping Alone", "Conversation Piece", "Birthday Present from a Grandmother", "Beethoven in the Living Room"

26. Unfilled: 1998 Poets Union Anthology (Sydney: Poets Union, 1998), 57: "At the National Library"

27. Word of Mouth, edited by Phil Norton, (Sydney, 1998), 32: "as i said to my friend"

28. Whispers from the Faraway South (Beirut: Alabgdya, 1999), edited by Raghid Nahhas, 196-87 (with translation into Arabic by Raghid Nahhas): "My Homeland"; biog. note p. 307

29. Gay and Lesbian Studies in Australia, edited by Raymond Donovan and Leong K. Chan (Sydney, 1999), 73: "Don't Forget"

30. Sunlines edited by Anne Fairbairn (Canberra, 2002): "Busker".

31. Out of the Box, a gay and lesbian anthology compiled by Michael O"Farrell (Sydney: Puncher and Wattman, 2009), p. : "Distimo"

Poems published in periodicals:

1. "The Sparrow" (translation of Catullus), The Viking [Church of England Grammar Magazine], November, 1964, 61

2 and 3. "Stills" and "The Visitors", Makar, vol. 14 no. 3, September 1980, 32-34

4. "In the Fifteenth Century", Poetry Australia no. 76, February, 1981, 15

5. "Memory", Sydney Morning Herald, 24 March, 1984, 46

6. "An Interior View", Aspect, no. 28, Spring 1983, 36-37

7. "Our Garden", Quadrant, vol. 28, no. 11, November 1984, 66

8. "In the New Flat", LiNQ, vol 12, no. 1-2, 1984, 24

9. "In the Park", Catalyst, 1984

10, 11., 12., 13. "An Aboriginal Elegy"; "In the Dark"; "Cruising"; "To Stephen", Honi Soit, September 1984,11—special gay issue

14., 15., 16. "A Visit to Hiroshima", "Nagasaki"; "Beirut" NSW General Studies Journal, no. 2 1986, 25 & 37:

17. "By Lake Nagambie", NSW General Studies Journal, no. 3 1986, 25

18 and 19. "Colima" and "In Wagner's World", Wagner Society Newsletter, no. 25, March 1987, 10

20. "Gamelan Rehearsal, Jogjakarta", Pelangi Rainbow, vol. 2, no. 4,December 1986, back cover

21. "Fuckerama or How to Have Safe Sex", Star Observer, 14 November, 1986, 23

22. "Fairweather", Cargo, no. I, December, 1987, 30-1

23. "Sex Suite", Cargo, no. 5, December, 1988, 24-5

24. "Sigmund Freud to Wilhelm Fliess", Carrionflower Writ no. 5,1988 "The Insect", Blast, no. 15. Autumn 1991, 27

25. "Gelibolu", Poetry Australia, no. 131, Spring 1991, 37 "In the Nicholson Museum", University of Sydney Gazette, vol. 21 no. 2, August 1993, 10 "Gamelan Rehearsal, Jogjakarta", Southerly, vol. 54 no. 2, June, 1994,

27, 28 and 29. "In the Japanese Garden" and "In the Chinese Garden", Taasa Review, December, 1994, 3

30. "Election", Sydney Morning Herald, 24 February, 1996

32. "At the National Library", The Canberra Review, October 1997, 2

33. "International Flights" Southerly, vol. 58 no. 1, Autumn 1998, 148

34. "Picasso"Southerly, volume 58 number 4 (Summer 1998-1999), 45-47

35 and 36. "A Visit to Hiroshima" and *Nagasaki" in Kyoto Review, no. 39, 1999, 29 37., 38. and 39.

37, 38 and 39 "In Ibn Tulyn's Mosque, Cairo", "Returning to Australia", "On a Flight to Sydney", Joussour: Bridges for liberty and creativity, volume 2, number 1, February 1999, 31-32

40. "Nailed upon our tragic destiny", Manning Clark House Newsletter, No. 3 December 1999, 11

41., 42 and 43 "Our Garden", "Beirut" and "An Aboriginal Elegy", translated into Arabic by Raghid Nahhas, Kalimat, number 2 (Arabic), June 2000, 123-27

44., 45, and 46 Three Poems "Journey", "Austinmeer", "A Garden in Winter", Kalimat number 3, September 2000, 97-98

47. "Wilson's Promontory", Canberra Times, November 2008

Details of some published poems and other publications can be found on Austlit, the bibliographic database of the Defence Forces Academy, Canberra where over 150 works are listed.

Translations of poems

Arabic: see list of poems above for published translations by Dr Raghid Nabhas Bahasa Indonesia: translation of Danati Batur by Javant Biarujia (unpublished) Chinese: by Ouynag Yu, 2008. "My Homeland" (unpublished)

Prose published in books, periodicals, newspapers and on the Internet

1. "The John Darnell Art Collection: An Introduction", Makar, vol. 5 no. 2 (August, 1969), 33-34

2. "Why publish?", Pegasus (Randwick Boys High Magazine), 1971

3. "Senator Chipp Promises to Act", The Star, 6 April, 1984, 1; also in the other Sydney gay paper of the time

4. "Homosexual Anthologies" (review of The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse and Edge City on Two Different Plans), The Age Monthly Review, July 1984, 5-7; see'also letter by 3 of the 4 editors of Edge City, August, 1984

5. "Visions of a Grim World Haunt Poet Laureate" (on Ted Hughes), Financial Review, 15 February,1985, 43

6. "On the Nuclear Age" in Journal of NSW General Studies Teacher's Association, no.2 1986, 23-24

7. "The Library Summit" in The Age Monthly Review, October, 1989, 18

8 and 9. "Burma" and "The Etruscans" in The Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, edited by Wayne Dynes, 2 volumes, New York, 1990 vol. 1, 174-75 and 371-73.

10. "Gay Art and Gay Sensibility" in OUT: Magazine of GALAA, 1990

11. Review of James Money, Capri: Island of Pleasure, in Capri (Berlin), no. 2 of 1991, 45¬47 (published in German; translated by Manfred Herzer)

12. "A Poet's Life" (on Marina Tsvetaeva), Oz Muze vol. 2 no. 2 February 1992, back page

13. "The State of Poetry" in Muse News, July 1993, 8-9

14. "A Critical Index of Male Homosexual and Gay Poetry: Brief Synopsis" in A Cold Collation: Papers from the Inaugural Queer Lit Conference, July 30— August 1, 1993, unpaginated [2 pp.]

15. Obituary of Norah Williamson (violinist), The Australian, 17 March 1994,11

16. Wisdom on the Wing", review of Anne Fairbairn, An Australian Conference of the Birds in Southerly, vol. 56 no. 3 (spring 1996), 224-25

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32. Obituary of Dorothy Porter (poet) in Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Friday 12 December 2009 (there are variations in the text between the 2 papers)

Letters to newspapers and periodicals

48 letters published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph (Sydney), The Australian, Weekend Australian, The Australian Higher Education Supplement, Canberra Times, Courier Mail (Brisbane), The Age (Melbourne), The University of Sydney News, Sydney Star Observer, Capital Q Weekly(Sydney), G (Sydney), Semper Floreat (Brisbane), National Trust Magazine of NSW, Poetry Review (London).

1."Scientific Method for All", Semper Floreat, February? 1966

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3. "Art Record", The Australian, 14 January, 1970—sale of The Cricketers being the highest Australian art price

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5. "ABC English", Sydney Morning Herald, 4 May 1984, 8

6. "Gay rights and federal law", The Star (later called Sydney Star Observer), 15 June 1984. 9 and 28 —re International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Gay Rights; reply by Lex Watson, "Rights not right", The Star June 1984

7. Gay rights federally, The Star, June? 1984—further letter by me replying to Lex Watson; reply by Lex Watson

8. "Eastern Distributor Proposal", National Trust Magazine, February 1985, 3

9. "Exclusion from Library Committee", The University of Sydney News, 15 April 1986, 92; reply by Margaret Harris in a later issue. "No kick in teeth", The University of Sydney News, 29 April 1986, 88

10. Reply to proceeding

11. "Millionaire benefactions needed", Sydney Morning Herald, 5 December 1987, 28--re purchase of Newton Fowl letters by State Library; leading letter 12. "Priced out", Sydney Morning Herald, 24 February, 1989—high cost of books

13. "Give up titles", Sydney Morning Herald, 23 April, 1990, 6

14. "Ardent Republican", Sydney Morning Herald, ca. 5 April 1991 (shorted version of next letter)

15. "Ask the Queen to abdicate", The Canberra Times, 7 April, 1991 Courier Mail, ca. 1984—re possible republic; letter not traced but believed published 16. "Bill O'Neil obituary", The University of Sydney News, 23 July 1991, 148 Urging that Queen Elizabeth should pay Australian taxes, Weekend Australian, 6-7 June 1992, 18 (extract)

17. "Library—services and fittings", The University of Sydney News, 30 March 1993, 44— Fisher Library; includes reply by Neil Radford, University Librarian

18. "Weighty tome", Sydney Morning Herald, 19 April, 1993—on longest novel in the world being Xavier Herbert's Poor Fellow My Country 19. "An ethnic minority", Sydney Morning Herald, 11 August, 1993, 12 (with 22 other signatories)—protesting Andrew Reimer's review of Edmund White's biography of Jean Genet

20. "Priorities all wrong", The Australian Higher Education Supplement, 13 April 1994, 13— preservation of Aboriginal languages

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23. Re saving Sanskrit, University of Sydney News, 1994 or 1995

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41. "History exhibition", Sydney Star Observer, 29 March 2001, 7—amended version of previous

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43. Letter to The Age ca. 4 August 2001 regarding purchase of the Kelly armour when money is lacking to purchase books and other library materials.

44. "Hitler's hypocrisy" Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 11 October, 2001? (on Hitler's supposed homosexuality)

45. On Christianity and homosexuality, The Australian, 1 July 2003

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47."record the bard for us all", on recording of Shakespeare and White plays, Australian, 19 April, 2007, 11; reply by John Bell next day mentions.

48. Letter re gay marriage Sydney Star Observer (signed Paul), September? 2010

Wikipedia entries

1. Pride History Group, Sydney, Australia

2. Male Homosexual and Gay Poetry

3. Male Homosexual and Gay Art (drafted)

I am the author of these entries which of course are published anonymously.


Over 200 entails contributed to the Internet discussion group, Exlibris, discussing rare books and special collections 1998-2001 in connection with the history of the text and the transmission of human culture. Special issues: incunabula, Asian books with special reference to Chinese books, What is a book? (1 initiated this last thread).

Emails to Queer Caucus for Art, 2005, 2007.


Randwick Boys High Magazine, 1972

Pantomime: Newsletter of Users of the State Library, 1998; one issue

Slide Illustrated Lectures

"Homosexuality and Mateship: Walt Whitman and some Australian poets of the 1890s" (Gay History Conference, Toronto, 5 July, 1985). Text exists: a copy was donated to the Canadian Gay archives, one is in the Fryer Library (Louise Bateson papers) and one is with the author.

"4,000 Years of Male Homosexual Art" (Sydney, February 1990) (about 30 slides). No record made. It was held in the hall of the Uniting Church, Oxford St, Paddington and attended by about 15 people

"The homosexual Caravaggio" (Sydney, CP Photogalleries, 4 February, 2004). Published on crdom as audio book (see Audio above).

Public Seminars Presented

1. “Male Homosexuality and Australian English Language Poetry 1788-1983”-Australian Gay History Seminars, University of Sydney (August 1990)

2. "Patrick White from a Gay Point of Vie — Australian Gay History Seminars University of Sydney (October 1992)

3_ "A Critical Index of Male Homosexual and Gay Poetry", Queer Literature Conference 31 July, 1992 (published in the proceedings of the conference).

4. "Male Homosexual and Gay Poetry in Asia" (University of Sydney, Emerging Homosexualities Conference, 1995). Reported in Star Observer with photo of me and those who gave papers. Paper exists on computer.

5. "Internet Use" (Independent Scholars Association, State Library of New South Wales, 10 September, 1998)

6. "Future Directions of Independent Scholars Association" (Independent Scholars Association, State Library of New South Wales, 13 July 2000)

7. "Is Vincent Buckley a Great Poet?", Newman College, Vincent Buckley Conference February 2009. Revised for publication

Seminars chaired

Seminar on 2004 Athens Olympics by Keith Howes and Vrasidas Karalis at University of Sydney (Gay and lesbian Research Foundation). With a video of the opening.

Seminar of Peter de Waal and Peter Bonsall-Boones transcription of NSW Supreme Court sodomy trials from 1788 to 1900 given for Pride History Group (2008).

Radio publication of poems

"Don't Forget" ABC Radio, on Poetica, 2 December, 2000, "Seeking Same", a gay and lesbian poetry program (repeated at a later date)

Radio appearances

Andrew 011ey, ABC radio 702, ca. 1994—re medicine being an art not a scrience

Australia talks back, Libraries, ca 1995—re libraries

ABC radio, Canberra, ca. 2000—re National Library

ABC radio, 702 Sydney, the Media Report, March? 1999 or 2000—re gay press

ABC Radio 702, NSW, Friday 30 June, 2000, 9 PM—regarding Judith Wright

ABC Radio, Northern Territory, ca. 9 March, 2001— re age of consent (to be confirmed)

ABC Radio 702, Friday I June at 3.50 PM—regarding the plural of platypus being platypuses

ABC Radio 576 Friday 3 October 2003, 6.57 PM on Sandy McCutcheon on Human Rights and International Law

ABC radio 774, Melbourne, October 2006?, re nuclear issues

ABC Sunday. Cleary re homosexuality about June 2010

Interviews on radio

(I) Ryde Radio; ( 2) Canberra 1989— re Encyclopedia of Homosexuality; interview with Bill Tully; 3) Gay Waves— February, 1990; (4) Ryde Radio-1992 with Kevin Cherry; (5) Interview and reading with Dulcie Meddows (radio station 2NBC, 27th September, 1997; tape to be deposited at Australian Defence Forces Academy Library, Canberra); (6) Interview with Bill Tully broadcast on 2 XX Canberra on Sunday, 30 minutes (tape exists) (1).


Reading at Australian Defence Forces Academy, August 1997; held in the Academy library.

This was transferred to DVD in 2004 and a copy deposited in the Mitchell Library in 2004.

Poetry Readings

Various venues including book launchings, Poets Union (featured poet), Poets on the Heath (featured poet), Poetry Plus, Poetry at Don Bank (featured poet November 1996), Walls Have Ears, Australian Defence Forces Academy August 1997 (a tape and video exists), Brett Whitely Studio and Poetry at Don Bank and other venues.

Manuscripts in public collections

ADFA Defence Forces Library and National Library, Canberra; Mitchell Library, Sydney; Fryer Library, University of Queensland, Brisbane in my name and in Louise Campbell papers.

Total published works: 343 works as listed above

Totals of published books, pamphlets, poems (in books and in journals, articles, poemcards), letters and other media = 10 (books) + 1 (thesis) + 6 (intemet publications) + 5 (pamphlets) + 1 audio work + 22 (broadsheets and poemcards) + 31 (poems in anthologies and books not published by the author) + 47 (poems in periodicals and newspapers) + 63 + 43 + 30 (poems in 3 published books of poetry) + 32 (prose articles in papers) + 48 (letters to newspapers) + 1 (radio publication of poem) + 1 (video reading) + 2 Wikipedia entries + I newspaper` 342 works published.

Only published works are listed; not accepted works.

Scholarly emails are not included in this list. This document, Bio-bibliography, is 7,236 words long at 8 October 2010. Spelling rechecked 17 October 2009 (spelling was also checked in late 2008).

Paul Knobel
44/42 Avoca Street
Randwick, Sydney
17 Decembe2010 San Francisco, USA

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