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Son of Charles "Don Carlos" Percy, (1704-1794), an adventurer from Ireland with pretensions to blood lines of the Dukes of Northumberland, Thomas George Percy was born in Alabama in the late 1780s and graduated from Princeton in 1806.

He married Maria Pope in 1814 or 1815. His fellow Princetonian John Walker, one of the first two senators from Alabama, married her sister Matilda. The two men built houses on abutting estates in Huntsville, Alabama, and named their sons for each other. Through their wealthy planter father, the sisters were related to the English poet Alexander Pope.

There was a strong homoerotic bond between Thomas George and John Walker which may at one time have been physical. Thomas managed the affairs of his "friend" was he was away in Washington.

Thomas's sons took the leading role in developing the Mississippi Delta, which became the richest cotton producing region in the world. Thomas stayed in Huntsville, enjoying his large library and extended family. His youngest son William Alexander (named for Alexander Pope) became very rich before The War and married Nana, a daughter of William Armstrong, an Indian agent. Both cousins were grandchildren of General James “Trooper” Armstrong, a hero of the war of 1812.

Thomas George's son William Armstrong Percy became famous as a confederate colonel and after The War a railroad lawyer and a Redeemer.

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