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Stop Press

Recently, I have uncovered evidence not found by any other researcher including Wyatt-Brown, who wrote “The House of Percy.”

1) The first is information on an English ancestor who was involved in a relationship with the famous Francis Bacon. Bacon’s pederastic leanings have been well documented and included many liaisons with male aides. A letter from Bacon’s mother complains of “that bloody Percy.”

2) The second is taken from Dynes Entry on the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality (1990) under Ireland on pages 613-614 and concerns the Irish line of Percys.

"Two centuries later another high ecclesiastic became notorious throughout Europe. Jocelyn Percy, Bishop of Clogher, was in 1811 involved in a homosexual case in Dublin, for which he was not prosecuted. In 1822, however, he was apprehended in London, and only managed to escape serious punishment by fleeing to Scotland, where for someyears he made his livingas aservant."

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