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The obscure journal Thymos (2010) published a special issue boldly examining the causes, dynamics, and effects of intergenerational sex. Some authors discussed only pederasty, by implication at least – sex between grown-ups and adolescents or if you prefer adults and teenagers. Others treated pedophilia, strictly speaking sex between older people and pre-pubescent ones. Such practices today are illogically but in increasingly lumped together and excoriated as “pedophilia” – as worse than murder, just as sodomy was considered worse than murder during the Middle Ages.

During most of my youth, when Hitler had destroyed the homosexual emancipation movement in Germany and Stalin had in Russia, Freudians were condemning homosexual acts and even orientation. Suspect, when they fled Hitler, as both German speakers as well as foreign-born Jews, most of whom migrated Anglo-phonic countries. They embraced the native homophobia to become accepted as loyal, family oriented, red-blooded patriots. What was said then about us homosexuals could with minor changes be said about “pedophiles” today.

The excerpt below comes from Todd White’s Pre-Gay L.A. (University of Illinois Press, 2009), describing the treatment of homosexuals during 1950s with the changes that I made in italics.

“In an age where pedophilia is increasingly demonized and persecuted within North America’s urban centers, it is not difficult to understand the apprehensions these men and women endure today fearful that the police or FBI might arrest them at any moment. The threat of a raid, whether at a bar, a cruising ground, or even in one’s home, is a very real possibility. The police call the shots. Virtually no attorney will defend one so accused. The newspapers will destroy one’s reputation while the legal system saps the accused of time and resources. The police frequently use Mafia-like ruses and extortionary tactics. It is no exaggeration to say that “pedophiles” legitimately fear the very institutions that should protect them (p.1)”.

Worse today, the authorities, even more than Big Brother in 1984, employ sophisticated surveillance devices unimaginable in the 1950’s. They relentlessly monitor emails and texts, and confiscate computers as well as shackle offenders with ankle bracelets.

We must mitigate our extreme penalties for intergenerational sex if only because we can not afford to expand, or even pay for the current cost of courts, parole and probation officers, jails, prisons, psychiatric rehabilitations in prisons and extended mandatory commitments to psychiatric wards after release.

In addition, the brutal intrusion when such relationships are discovered, become costly. They all too often wreck families. Husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers and relatives both blood and step, are the most frequent abusers of children, specifically under-age females. Subject to being impregnated, they are far more traumatized, especially because “their rape” so often involves incest. On the other hand, males (far less frequently raped), even when the adult is a hypocritical priest or other authority over them, are far less damaged. Their monetary pay-offs tend to be far greater than those of females, in the cases of priests or celebrities. These brutal intrusions that occur upon arrest often traumatize even those who were enjoying the affair, both the adult and the minor. The recovered memory syndrome seems to me often manufactured.

See Michael Toms’ gripping Dangerous Liaisons (Matador, 2010). Michael avoided conviction often by means of huge pay-offs. But the book does not make clear how caring he was or how far he went sexually. Jens Eisenhardt’s Kim, Min Elskede (Valby, 1981), translated from Danish as Kim My Beloved (Acolyte Press, 1989), by Stephen W. Foster, made me understand a caring pederast’s emotions. How carefully he proceeds to teach his beloved to conceal their affair. He wants to ensure that their romance will not be discovered, more for his beloved’s sake than for his own, recognizing the disaster that would ensue. Long out of print, appears on this website of mine.

In sum, we must modify the current system, involving entrapments and totally unmerited draconian punishments.

Here is a more detaile and descriptive anonymous review titled Budapest Conference A Follow-up in the latest issue of NAMBLA UPDATES (December, 2010) that I'm putting up for your convenience. (as pdf)

Also first few pages of the obscure journal Thymos (as pdf)

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