Review of Locals Only: California Skateboarding 1975-1978

From William A. Percy
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Review by William A. Percy of Locals Only: California Skateboarding 1975-1978

Hugh Holland’s beautifully colored photographs - many from the 1970’s Venice Beach - in Locals Only: California Skateboarding 1975-1978, captures the lithe bodies of adolescence in poses and expressed their coiled energy far better even than Lysippos, the most prolific of Greek sculptures and the favorite of Alexander the Great’s court. Lysippos was famed for catching the supple developing muscles, ever coiled and bounding with exuberant sexual prowess. But Holland outdoes him. Then there’s Donatello’s David, both younger and more coy than Michangelo’s that many of today’s gays idolize. The masterpieces of Professor Brown, who sculpted adolescent Princetonians when I was an undergraduate, capture the same sexual subtly in bronzes. All of them put down the current extreme condemnation of pederasty, now routinely confused with pedophilia - properly speaking, the love for pre-pubescent adolescents.

Anyone who doubts the supple beauty, sexual appeal and ability of teenage males to arouse older males should take a glance at these masterpieces as well as modern ads which commercialize it openly. Hugh’s work beats all of the commercial advertisments blatently without shame or attempting to exploit for commercial profit for big businesses, that forbidden appeal. American Eagle Outfitters recently has used blow ups of them to advertise their line of clothes and Hugh’s work are now at long last selling in the most up-stage galleries.

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