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The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln

C. A. Tripp

edited by Lewis Gannett,

Introduction by Jean Baker

(Free Press, 2005)

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Review by John Lauritsen

On Doris Kearns Goodwin's recent comments about Lincoln

Lincoln, Scholars, and Sex

On C.A. Tripp's The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln

"It's no more possible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that George Washington had sex with a woman than to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Abraham Lincoln had sex with a man." -- William A. Percy

For Washington's possible homosexual proclivities and activities see the following article: Shively, Charley. "George Washington's Gay Mess: Was the 'Father of our Country' a Queen?" in Gay Roots II. Winston Leyland, ed. Gay Sunshine Press, 1993. pp. 11-68. Comments on David Donald

"David Donald’s confusion about Lincoln’s sexuality is shown by his going back and forth on the question of whether Abe was in love with Anne Rutledge. At present he seems to deny the legend, which he endorsed a few years ago when Douglas Wilson revived it, having previously followed his mentor J. G. Randall in denying it. Talk about Senator Kerry-like flip-flopping. David, to all appearance a Kinsey “O,” is obviously even more at sea about homosexuality. He quoted the obnoxious remark made by Charles B. Strozier (a type who would have fascinated Cesare Lombroso) that a homosexual (or bisexual, in the case of Lincoln) couldn’t have led the war or even gone into politics. Have they forgotten Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar? Did they never hear about their bisexuality? But Donald does acknowledge a homoerotic bond between Abe and Joshua.

When I put C.A. Tripp in contact with David Donald, whom I described to Tripp as the leading Lincoln scholar, I warned him that however much he might learn from David, he could not even hope that David would accept the thesis that Abe had homosexual experiences, and I predicted that David would write a preemptive strike. It duly appeared: "We Are Lincoln Men": Abraham Lincoln and His Friends.

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