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  1. Disagreements among pioneers and early movement activists
  2. Discovering Angus Stewart (1936 - 1998)
  3. Discriminating people moving in
  4. Doe v. Miami-Dade
  5. Dog Days
  6. Dom Bennett D. Hill
  7. Donald Mader
  8. Dover's Greeks
  9. Drugs as a Right
  10. Dynes on Gay Los Angeles
  11. Dynes on Gay New York
  12. Dynes on the Homonationalism fad
  13. E--mail from Billy - Teh "parallel" issue of the Mattachine issue with communist people who founded it
  14. E-mail from Billy - Article on Hanns Ebensten and his contribution to homosexual travel
  15. E-mail from Billy - Boys who fear being called: "Dude you're a Fag"
  16. E-mail from Billy - CLGH: Rainbow History Project Announcement
  17. E-mail from Billy - Documenting the civil rights movement of homosexual citizens
  18. E-mail from Billy - Good Op-Ed on ENDA: Snatching Rancor From Victory's Jaws
  19. E-mail from Billy - Info on me in back issues of ONE magazines
  20. E-mail from Billy - Leo Laurence/Gale Whittington: The New Homosexual Circa 1969
  21. E-mail from Billy - Letter to American Homosexuals/Court victory 50th anniversary
  22. E-mail from Billy - Montague Glover and Vintage Male Prostitutes
  23. E-mail from Billy - Readers who do not communicate their likes and dislikes, thoughts, etc.
  24. E-mail from Billy - The Advocate's version of who's worthwhile, in West Hollywood
  25. E-mail from Billy - The Advocate's version of who's worthwhile in west Hollywood
  26. E-mail from Billy - What can a thinking homosexual think about Sen. Craig's arrest??
  27. E-mail from Billy - mmmmmmmmm
  28. E-mail from Billy About Homeless Youth
  29. E-mail from Billy Glover about Don Slater and ONE
  30. E-mail from Billy titled My start and early years fitted me to work in the movement/crusade
  31. EOH:WHYOutOfPrint
  32. EOT TOC
  34. Early Uranians: Cory, Dolben, Hopkins
  35. Earthquakes, etc.
  36. East Coast Bias
  37. Ed Boyce
  38. Ellis, Havelock - 20th century Literary Criticism biography
  39. Ellis, Havelock - bibliography
  40. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality -- by subject
  41. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality—by subject
  42. EoH-contributers
  43. EoH-subjects
  44. Epicureanism
  45. Eric Rofes
  46. Erik van Ree address regarding pedophiles
  47. Erwin Haeberle on The 17 Year-Old Child
  48. Ethical Tasks of Homosexuals by Dr.Kurt Hiller translated by David Thorstad
  49. Everett K Rowson
  50. Ex-gay conundrum by Wayne Dynes
  52. Fag Rag: The Most Loathsome Publication In The English Language by Charley Shively
  53. Fall Preview: Buildings are not more important than people
  54. Famous Homosexuals and Bisexuals
  55. Fantinos flawed kiddie porn crusade
  56. Farewell To A 'Venerable' Radical Gay Magazine
  57. Father Jermaine
  58. Fear & pleasure
  59. Fear without Function: Do Sex Offender Registries Reduce Crime?
  60. Finding new tenants
  61. First few pages of the Epilogue from The Culture of Classicism by Caroline Winterer - This has gotten worse since then
  62. Forging a new model for campus inclusivity J. Keith Motley
  63. Foucault, Michel
  64. Foucault on anti-pedophile hysteria
  65. Frances Densmore on marriage customs among the Ojibwe
  66. French Erotic Writings from the Ancien Régime to the Revolution by Wayne R. Dynes
  67. French Wall
  68. Friend told Naglic to stand up to lover
  69. Friends of Percy Photo Album
  70. Fritz Bernard
  71. From Luther to Rosenzweig
  72. From Wayne's Blog
  73. From my long lost distant cousin, the lovely, affable and erudite Margaret Buchanen who descended from Robert Percy through his youngest son, Charles Evans Percy.
  74. Further Thoughts from Billy on Behind The Mask of the Mattachine
  75. GLBTQI Taliban is as evil as the religious fanatics of Islam and Christianity
  76. Gandhi outed?
  77. Gannett demolishes the phantom Ann Rutledge
  78. Gay Bibliography: a short guide
  79. Gay Law and Social Change May 9, 2008
  80. Gay Liberation and the Taboo on Male Homosexuality
  81. Gay Lieder
  82. Gay Movement Bibliography (US only)
  83. Gay Music: The Case of Beethoven's Ode to Joy
  84. Gay senior's murderer gets 25 years
  85. Gaybashing cops get appeal
  86. Gaybashing inquiry called for as Toronto cops lose appeal
  87. Geer, Will -- early activist, friend & coworker of Harry Hay, and Hollywood actor
  88. Gene Robinson
  89. George E. Woodbury
  90. Gerry Studds Obituary
  91. Glenn Beck's comments on "sex offenders" are ill-judged and promote murder!
  92. Glenn Beck's comments on pedophiles are ill-judged and promote murder!
  93. Glenn Beck coverage of the young Iranian homosexual's problem with Holland and England
  94. Glenn Beck coverage of the young homosexuals Iranian's problem with Holland and England
  95. Global Future of Sexology Speech
  96. Gnosticism
  97. Going to Jail: The Incarceration Experience
  98. Gone With The Flood by William Armstrong Percy III
  99. Gone with the Flood: A Hidden Family Narrative by William A. Percy III
  100. Great Distortion
  101. Great Moments in Politics Shively, Mitzel and the Struggle Against Chickenshit
  102. Greek History
  103. Greek Love Reconsidered
  104. Greek Pederasty Revisited
  105. Gross Indecency
  106. Gruber, John -- death of
  107. Guide profile of joseph massad desiring arabs 03 2008.pdf
  108. Gumbo and the Future
  109. H-NET Book Review Published by (January 2007)
  110. HIC Website
  111. Hands off the Peat!: The Rape of Minnesota’s Big Bog
  112. Hansen, Joe
  113. Harry Hay Interview from Icon Magazine, December 1996
  114. Harry Hay and Don Slater, two views on homosexuality from pioneer friends
  115. Harry Stack Sullivan
  116. Harvesting Cotton-Field Capitalism - The New York Times article by Felicia R. Lee
  117. Hate campaign has made me prisoner in my own home
  118. Hay, Harry
  119. Health and finances shade our views - Billy Glover email
  120. Heirs Of The Roman Empire
  121. Hellenism and Homoeroticism in Shelley and His Circle
  122. Helmut Graupner
  123. Highly interesting revelations about Obama - Interesting email from Mark Miner
  124. Hirschfeld, Magnus - bibliography
  125. Historian: 19th-century Germans invented modern gay rights movements
  126. Historians' Fallacies
  127. Historical Facts about the Origins of Islam
  128. History of Common Law
  129. Holland, Hugh
  130. Holy Rolling
  131. Homeownership vs. home
  132. Homo Sex in Colonial America
  133. Homocaust
  134. Homophile Studies in Theory and Practice
  135. Homophonies 1979 dossier la pedophilie.pdf
  136. Homophonies 1984 dossier la pedophilie
  137. Homosexuality and the State: What the Atlanta Murders Reveal, by David Thorstad
  138. Honour
  139. Housing Restrictions Keep Sex Offenders in Prison Beyond Release Dates by Joseph Goldstein
  140. How Not To Interpret Latin Epitaphs
  141. Human Rights Watch – No Easy Answers: Sex Offender Laws in the US
  142. Human rights wrongs
  143. Hunt, Richard
  144. Hunter et al.
  145. HyMA
  146. If but the Greeks could make reply - a poem by Andrew Calimach
  147. Ignoring Iran: a Hastily Drafted Response to Ahmed Rashid’s Article in the New York Review (Sept 8, 2013)
  148. Images: Some Notes on England and Canada by Stephen W. Foster
  149. Imagining Socialism
  150. Info for book review of Burning Typewriters/the Underground Press/small reference to outing
  151. Inmate Counts by William A. Percy (working paper)
  152. International-journal-of-greek-love-vol1-no1.pdf
  153. International journal of greek love vol1 no1.pdf
  154. Intersex Mag
  155. Interview of Kameny by Will O'Bryan of Metro Weekly
  156. Introduction to the 2006 Edition Lantern on the Levee
  157. Is Christianity Hostile To Physical Appetites?
  158. Islam and BL
  159. It's OVER!
  160. J.G. Brown's Boys
  161. JUDAISM
  162. Jack Garridy
  163. Jacob Israel de Haan: sexology, poetry, politics
  164. James Davidson
  165. James Dubro
  166. James Dubro's writing criminally intense; Mafia expert's first brush with the Mob came when he was 12 by Bill Taylor Toronto Star
  167. James Dubro - A newspaper article about him
  168. James Engell
  169. Janssen, Diederik
  170. Janssen, Diederik CV
  171. Jen lands in the Franklin Square House ... and Buzz can’t get her out
  172. Jervey, Huger Wilkinson
  173. Jesus Addendum
  174. Jesus The Jew
  175. Joe Klein blows the whistle
  176. John, Lord Hervey by James Dubro
  177. John D'Emilio
  178. John Grube - obituary
  179. John Lauritsen's latest contribution on GLF
  180. John Mitzel: A Remembrance by Michael Bronski
  181. John Waybright
  182. Joint Obituary of Crompton and Karlinsky
  183. Judith Levine
  184. Judy Garland's Casket Handles
  185. Julian Fantino hawks new book
  186. Jury acquits lover of the death of Janko Naglic
  187. Justice Doesn't Require Vengeance by Bill Dobbs
  188. Justice system failed Bernard Baran
  190. Kantorowicz arrives in the USA
  191. Karaites
  192. Katz, Jonathan Ned
  193. Kauffmann, Walt
  194. Kenneth Dover obituary by Wayne Dynes
  195. Kight, Morris
  196. Koran Search by Wayne Dynes
  197. Kurt Hiller's 1928 Gay Rights Speech
  198. LGBT: A Dissection
  199. La Plus Ça Change
  200. Lad's Love index
  201. Land Grab: Ramsey vs. the Indians
  202. Landmark bar to go on the market
  203. Large GLBT Archives in Florida
  204. Latest Billy Glover email - Old age and health
  205. Latest news on controversy surrounding Roman marriage age
  206. Law Creating Passport Mark for Sex Offenders Faces First Challenge
  207. Lawyers Challange Lewdness Arrests at Port Authority Bus Terminal by Joseph Goldstein
  208. Legg, W.Dorr
  209. Leon Trotsky, "The German Puzzle," translated by David Thorstad
  210. Letter regarding Alan Cowell’s article of the 21st of September, “Goethe is Outed and Germany Yawns"
  211. Letter regarding Emily Wilson's review regarding Seneca
  212. Letter to Boston Globe regarding Jackson's "Biblical Advice" article
  213. Letter to Boston Globe regarding Richard Hoffman's article about Ancient Greece
  214. Letter to Christopher Street regarding Clemmer Mayhew's review of "Outing"
  215. Letter to Commonweal regarding Norman Cantor's article
  216. Letter to New York Review of Books
  217. Letter to The Boston Globe Magazine 7 August 2000 about Elizabeth Cox’s short story, “The Last Fourth Grade
  218. Letter to The New York Review of Books regarding the review of "Why Lincoln Matters Today More Than Ever"
  219. Letter to The New York Times regarding David Firestone’s article on Gwendolyn Hall’s research of the origins of African-American slaves
  220. Letter to The Times regarding Daniel Wakin's article about pedophile priests
  221. Letter to Times Literary Supplement regarding Johan A.C. Greppin's article "The Triumph of Slang"
  222. Letter to Times Literary Supplement regarding Michael O'Brien's article about Will Percy
  223. Letter to Times Literary Supplement regarding the plight of Simon Kovesi
  224. Letter to Wall Street Journal regarding Daniel Golden's article “New Battleground in Textbook Wars: Religion in History,”
  225. Letter to the Editor
  226. Letter to the Editor - TLS April 6 2012 Issue - Eudora Welty by William A. Percy
  227. Letter to the Editor of Barron's
  228. Letter to the Editor of Gay and Lesbian Review regarding Kevin Jennings' speech
  229. Letter to the Editor of Globe regarding coverage of Geffen comments
  230. Letter to the Editor of Princeton Alumni Weekly
  231. Letter to the Editor of the Gay and Lesbian Review "Psychiatry Not As Advanced As Claimed"
  232. Letters from my fans
  233. Letters in Gay & Lesbain Review/meaning of fairy/Harry Hay
  234. Libellisua fata habent—or books have their destinies
  235. Life on the weekends
  236. Lincoln Buzz - Historians Changing View of President Lincoln's Sexuality by Michael Hamar
  237. London Lecture 13 February 2007
  238. Love, Athenian Style
  239. Lover charged in Naglic slaying
  240. Luckily my life has been uneventful - Thirty years ago today
  241. Lunch Is My Favorite Sport
  243. Mack, Gerstle
  244. Madeleine Witherspoon Dent
  245. Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology
  246. Magpie issue 11 May 1978
  247. Malcolm X was gay
  248. Man/Boy Love and Feminism
  249. Manhunt
  250. Marilyn B. Skinner

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