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  1. Abrahamic Religions (EoH)
  2. Abrahamica
  3. Abu Nuwas (EoH)
  4. Accused lover goes free
  5. Achilles (EoH)
  6. Ackerley, Joseph Randolph (EoH)
  7. Active-Passive Contrast (EoH)
  8. Activist, Gay (EoH)
  9. Addition to Ralph Horne's Obituary
  10. Adelsward Fersen, Baron Jacques D' (EoH)
  11. Adhesiveness (EoH)
  12. Adler, Alfred (EoH)
  13. Admitting Room
  14. Adult-Adult Sexuality (EoH)
  15. Advertisements, Personal (EoH)
  16. Advertiser or Founder?: Adding Insult to Injury, a Statement by Jearld Moldenhauer and the Founding of the UTHA, Canada's First Gay Student Organization
  17. Aeschines (EoH)
  18. Aesthetic Movement (EoH)
  19. Afghanistan (EoH)
  20. Afterword to Alcibiades the Schoolboy
  21. Alabama Lawmakers Want Sex Offenders to Pay for Their Own Castration
  22. Alcibiades the Schoolboy
  23. Alexei Delaine's email regarding Walt Kauffmann's Discovering Angus Stewart (1936 – 1998)
  24. Also see Verstraete's 2012 paper on Roman pederasty and Roman Slavery, under his name in "Scholars and Activists"
  25. Alternative Review of Gay L.A. by Ronald L. Tate
  26. America's Sex Gulags
  27. America's unjust sex laws
  28. American Exceptionalism
  29. American Exceptionalism Bibliography
  30. American Exceptionalism and our "Peculiar Institution": An Ethical and Statistical Problem With American Historians Whitewashing the Illegal Importation of African Slaves - Chapter 4
  31. American Exceptionalism and our "Peculiar Institution": An Ethical and Statistical Problem With American Historians Whitewashing the Illegal Importation of African Slaves - Chapter 5
  32. American Exceptionalism and our "Peculiar Institution": An Ethical and Statistical Problem With American Historians Whitewashing the Illegal Importation of African Slaves - Chapter 6
  33. American Exceptionalism and our "Peculiar Institution": An Ethical and Statistical Problem With American Historians Whitewashing the Illegal Importation of African Slaves - Revised Chapter 1
  34. American Exceptionalism and our "Peculiar Institution": An Ethical and Statistical Problem With American Historians Whitewashing the Illegal Importation of African Slaves - Revised Chapter 2
  35. American Exceptionalism and our "Peculiar Institution": An Ethical and Statistical Problem With American Historians Whitewashing the Illegal Importation of African Slaves - Revised Chapter 3 (work in progress)
  36. American Exceptionalism and our "Peculiar Institution": An Ethical and Statistical Problem With American Historians Whitewashing the Illegal Importation of African Slaves - Revised Introduction
  37. American Exceptionalism and our “Peculiar Institution”: An Ethical and Statistical Problem With American Historians Whitewashing the Illegal Importation of African Slaves
  38. An Antebellum Dilemma Uncovered - Part Two
  39. An Arcadian Photographer in Manhattan
  40. An Early Activist Critique of Stalin's 1934 Antihomosexual Law: "A Chapter of Russian Reaction" by Kurt Hiller Introduction and Translation by David Thorstad
  41. An article referred by Billy Glover
  42. An update from Tom O'Carroll regarding his book Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons
  43. Ancient Romans Married During Their Teens by Thomas O’Carroll & William A. Percy
  44. Anonymous
  45. Are seniors the new chatroom victims?
  46. Aretino and Giulio Romano
  47. Armstrong, General James "Trooper"
  48. Armstrong, William
  49. Armstrong Sisters
  50. Art, nudity, and the law
  51. Arthur Cyrus Warner
  52. Articles from The Wallrus
  53. At last some sense, read Adam Cohen's sensible editorial in the New York Times, 10 March, 2008 on that horrendous NBC debacle, "To Catch a Predator."
  54. At last some sense, read Adam Cohen's sensible editorial in the New York Times, 10 March, 2008 on that horrendous NBS debacle, "To Catch a Predator."
  55. Athenian pages and poem by Andrew Calimach
  56. Aubrey Beardsley's Drawings of Tristan and Isolde
  57. Authur Evans obituary comments by Wayne R. Dynes
  58. Babington, Percy Lancelot
  59. Balls and Chains (word doc)
  60. Barn back in business
  61. Barn back with a boo
  62. Barn gets a pricetag
  63. Barn gets historical stamp
  64. Barnet, Alison
  65. Bibliography of Homosexuality - The Non-English Sources
  66. Billy Glover's thoughts on early pioneers Hay, Legg, and Slater
  67. Billy Glover on Amos Lassen's review of A Queer History of the U.S.
  68. Birkin Bag Blues
  69. Book Review by Doug French: The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen by Robert Epstein
  70. Book Review of Boston Bohemia
  71. Book Review of Queer Spirits
  72. Book Review titled Baby, Take a Bow Shirley Temple and the Myth of Childhood Innocence by Judith Levine
  73. Book Reviews Acquired through Billy Glover
  74. Book Reviews Solicited through Billy Glover
  75. Book Reviews by Stephen Wayne Foster
  76. Boston Pride honors John Mitzel as an Honorary Marshal posthumously
  77. Boswell's liturgies and Catholic homophobia
  78. Boswell, John
  79. Boyd mcdonald lewd.rtf
  80. Boyd mcdonald raunch.rtf
  81. Brian Reade
  82. Bruce Hopping's correspondence about a proposal concerning the Sexual Practices of American Apache Indians
  83. Bruce Hopping's interesting mail
  84. Bruce Rind
  85. CJ Bradbury Robinson
  86. Call from Paul Motter
  87. Camelot
  88. Check out Paul Knobel's poetry encyclopedia
  89. Check out Prohibited Panoramas - a lovely post and a lovely website William Dobbs emailed me about
  90. Check out the newsletter Bulletin mensuel Quintes-feuilles
  91. Christemp
  92. Christmas Day 2012 - Email from Billy Glover
  93. Civilization and its demons
  94. Claude Courouve has published, for free on the Internet, a much enlarged version of his masterwork
  95. Clive Stafford Smith
  96. Co-opting 'good' gays
  97. Cold cases
  98. Color, Race, Semitism, and Jewishness
  99. Coming out in 1973 and life before AIDS - Email exchanges among Bill Glover and others
  100. Comparing the two Dons and working at Mattachine and ONE
  101. Correspondence titled "Pederasty Is Part of Gay History" in The Gay and Lesbian Review
  102. Courtroom drama
  103. D'Entremont, James
  104. Darwin 1, God 0
  105. Darwin 1, God 0: Intelligent Design or Incompetent Design
  106. David Sedaris
  107. Dead Scholars and Activists
  108. Definitions of Paraphilias
  109. Dent, Madeleine Witherspoon
  110. Descendants of Ellen Percy and Robert Neil Archer, III
  111. Dewees' funeral draws hundreds
  112. Dict of Art by Wayne Dynes
  113. Did Jesus Actually Exist?
  114. Didier Eribon's critique of David M. Halperin
  115. Discovering Angus Stewart (1936 - 1998)
  116. Doe v. Miami-Dade
  117. Dog Days
  118. Dynes on the Homonationalism fad
  119. E--mail from Billy - Teh "parallel" issue of the Mattachine issue with communist people who founded it
  120. E-mail from Billy - Article on Hanns Ebensten and his contribution to homosexual travel
  121. E-mail from Billy - Boys who fear being called: "Dude you're a Fag"
  122. E-mail from Billy - CLGH: Rainbow History Project Announcement
  123. E-mail from Billy - Documenting the civil rights movement of homosexual citizens
  124. E-mail from Billy - Good Op-Ed on ENDA: Snatching Rancor From Victory's Jaws
  125. E-mail from Billy - Info on me in back issues of ONE magazines
  126. E-mail from Billy - Leo Laurence/Gale Whittington: The New Homosexual Circa 1969
  127. E-mail from Billy - Letter to American Homosexuals/Court victory 50th anniversary
  128. E-mail from Billy - Montague Glover and Vintage Male Prostitutes
  129. E-mail from Billy - Readers who do not communicate their likes and dislikes, thoughts, etc.
  130. E-mail from Billy - The Advocate's version of who's worthwhile, in West Hollywood
  131. E-mail from Billy - The Advocate's version of who's worthwhile in west Hollywood
  132. E-mail from Billy - What can a thinking homosexual think about Sen. Craig's arrest??
  133. E-mail from Billy - mmmmmmmmm
  134. E-mail from Billy About Homeless Youth
  135. E-mail from Billy Glover about Don Slater and ONE
  136. E-mail from Billy titled My start and early years fitted me to work in the movement/crusade
  137. EOT TOC
  139. Early Uranians: Cory, Dolben, Hopkins
  140. Earthquakes, etc.
  141. East Coast Bias
  142. Ellis, Havelock - 20th century Literary Criticism biography
  143. Ellis, Havelock - bibliography
  144. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality -- by contributor
  145. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality -- by subject
  146. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality -- by title
  147. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality Articles
  148. Encyclopedia of Homosexuality—by subject
  149. EoH
  150. EoH-contributers
  151. EoH-contributors
  152. EoH-subjects
  153. Erwin Haeberle on The 17 Year-Old Child
  154. Fag Rag: The Most Loathsome Publication In The English Language by Charley Shively
  155. Famous Homosexuals and Bisexuals
  156. Fantinos flawed kiddie porn crusade
  157. Farewell To A 'Venerable' Radical Gay Magazine
  158. Father Jermaine
  159. Fear & pleasure
  160. First few pages of the Epilogue from The Culture of Classicism by Caroline Winterer - This has gotten worse since then
  161. Forging a new model for campus inclusivity J. Keith Motley
  162. Foster, Stephen Wayne
  163. Frances Densmore on marriage customs among the Ojibwe
  164. French Erotic Writings from the Ancien Régime to the Revolution by Wayne R. Dynes
  165. Friend told Naglic to stand up to lover
  166. Fritz Bernard
  167. From Luther to Rosenzweig
  168. From Wayne's Blog
  169. Front Page Stuff
  170. Gandhi outed?
  171. Gannett demolishes the phantom Ann Rutledge
  172. Gay Bibliography: a short guide
  173. Gay Movement Bibliography (US only)
  174. Gay senior's murderer gets 25 years
  175. Gaybashing cops get appeal
  176. Gaybashing inquiry called for as Toronto cops lose appeal
  177. Geer, Will -- early activist, friend & coworker of Harry Hay, and Hollywood actor
  178. Genealogical Charts and Biographical Notes
  179. Glenn Beck's comments on pedophiles are ill-judged and promote murder!
  180. Glenn Beck coverage of the young Iranian homosexual's problem with Holland and England
  181. Glenn Beck coverage of the young homosexuals Iranian's problem with Holland and England
  182. Global Future of Sexology Speech
  183. Gone With The Flood by William Armstrong Percy III
  184. Gone with the Flood: A Hidden Family Narrative by William A. Percy III
  185. Greek Pederasty Revisited
  186. Gruber, John -- death of
  187. Guide profile of joseph massad desiring arabs 03 2008.pdf
  188. Gumbo and the Future
  189. Harry Hay Interview from Icon Magazine, December 1996
  190. Harry Hay and Don Slater, two views on homosexuality from pioneer friends
  191. Harvesting Cotton-Field Capitalism - The New York Times article by Felicia R. Lee
  192. Hay, Harry
  193. Highly interesting revelations about Obama - Interesting email from Mark Miner
  194. Hirschfeld, Magnus - bibliography
  195. Historian: 19th-century Germans invented modern gay rights movements
  196. Holland, Hugh
  197. Homocaust
  198. Homophile Studies in Theory and Practice
  199. Homophonies 1979 dossier la pedophilie.pdf
  200. Honour
  201. Housing Restrictions Keep Sex Offenders in Prison Beyond Release Dates by Joseph Goldstein
  202. How Not To Interpret Latin Epitaphs
  203. Hunt, Richard
  204. Hunter et al.
  205. HyMA
  206. Ignoring Iran: a Hastily Drafted Response to Ahmed Rashid’s Article in the New York Review (Sept 8, 2013)
  207. Images: Some Notes on England and Canada by Stephen W. Foster
  208. Info for book review of Burning Typewriters/the Underground Press/small reference to outing
  209. Information for UMass Students
  210. Inmate Counts by William A. Percy (working paper)
  211. International-journal-of-greek-love-vol1-no1.pdf
  212. International journal of greek love vol1 no1.pdf
  213. Intersex Mag
  214. Introduction to the 2006 Edition Lantern on the Levee
  215. Is Christianity Hostile To Physical Appetites?
  216. Islam and BL
  217. It's OVER!
  218. J.G. Brown's Boys
  219. JUDAISM
  220. Janssen, Diederik
  221. Janssen, Diederik CV
  222. Jervey, Huger Wilkinson
  223. Jesus Addendum
  224. Jesus The Jew
  225. Joe Klein blows the whistle
  226. John, Lord Hervey by James Dubro
  227. John Grube - obituary
  228. John Lauritsen's latest contribution on GLF
  229. John Mitzel: A Remembrance by Michael Bronski
  230. John Mitzell
  231. Judy Garland's Casket Handles
  232. Julian Fantino hawks new book
  233. Jury acquits lover of the death of Janko Naglic
  234. Justice Doesn't Require Vengeance by Bill Dobbs
  235. Justice system failed Bernard Baran
  236. Kantorowicz arrives in the USA
  237. Karaites
  238. Katz, Jonathan Ned
  239. Kauffmann, Walt
  240. Kenneth Dover obituary by Wayne Dynes
  241. La Plus Ça Change
  242. Lad's Love index
  243. Land Grab: Ramsey vs. the Indians
  244. Landmark bar to go on the market
  245. Large GLBT Archives in Florida
  246. Latest Billy Glover email - Old age and health
  247. Latest news on controversy surrounding Roman marriage age
  248. Law Creating Passport Mark for Sex Offenders Faces First Challenge
  249. Lawyers Challange Lewdness Arrests at Port Authority Bus Terminal by Joseph Goldstein
  250. Letter to the Editor - TLS April 6 2012 Issue - Eudora Welty by William A. Percy
  251. Letter to the Editor of the Gay and Lesbian Review "Psychiatry Not As Advanced As Claimed"
  252. Letters in Gay & Lesbain Review/meaning of fairy/Harry Hay
  253. Lincoln Buzz - Historians Changing View of President Lincoln's Sexuality by Michael Hamar
  254. London Lecture 13 February 2007
  255. Love, Athenian Style
  256. Lover charged in Naglic slaying
  257. Lunch Is My Favorite Sport
  258. Mack, Gerstle
  259. Madeleine Witherspoon Dent
  260. Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology
  261. Man/Boy Love and Feminism
  262. Marriage – Glover views on
  263. Martin R. Hoffmann Death Notice
  264. Meet the new chief
  265. Men and Boys
  266. Mencken on the J's
  267. Michael Vickers' misunderstanding of the book Alcibiades
  268. More press for Oscar Wilde Tours
  269. More than you or anyone else would ever want to know about the Bruce Rind controversies
  270. Morelli, Wölfflin, Beazley by Wayne Dynes
  271. Moses Williams Jr. '55 Memorial from Princeton Alumni Weekly
  272. Murder case shifts gear
  273. Murder trial begins
  274. Murder trial looms
  275. Must see French film "In the House" directed by Francois Ozon 2012
  276. My Grad Years by Wayne Dynes
  277. My email is blocked again by Billy Glover
  278. NY Times heralds Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL)
  279. Nardelli on Davidson and Dover
  280. Navigating the Stigma of Pedophilia: The Experiences of Nine Minor-Attracted Men in Canada by Carin Marie Freimond
  281. NewStartPage
  282. New Person bio
  283. New Yorker
  284. No Easy Answers
  285. No forensic evidence to link accused to Naglic's death
  286. Note by Harris Mirkin May 10, 2013
  287. Note by Harris Mirkin May 11, 2013
  288. Notes
  289. Notes from Billy Glover
  290. Notes on the Historical Tradition of Artist Rankings by Wayne Dynes
  291. Nudity in art
  292. Nuestra Senora de los Dolores
  293. ONE/IGLA BULLETIN Kepner Remembered
  294. ONE Archives Donated to USC
  295. Obituary of Billups Phinizy Percy
  296. Obituary of William B. Sprout III
  297. Old Hat Regurgitated
  298. OlderRecentToCheck
  299. On Beert Verstraete
  300. On Men and Boys
  301. On People
  302. On Uranians
  303. On the beat
  304. Online books of GLTB interest
  305. Op-ed by Billy Glover
  306. Origins of Islam
  307. Ortlepp, Ernst
  308. Oscar Wilde Tours
  309. Outing – 1960s activists on a 1990s controversy
  310. P&P Jope Review Read
  311. PRESOCRATIC THEMES by Wayne R. Dynes
  312. Pamela Schultz
  313. Paraphilias
  314. Paul Knobel's Bio-bibliography
  315. Percy's History Textbook Project
  316. Percy Family
  317. Percy blog for March 11
  318. Person of interest sought in Magill killing
  319. Peter Stynes' email about Charley Shively's current condition
  320. Philosopher's debate, redux - Letter to Princeton Alumni Weekly by William A. Percy
  321. Philosphere.com a new publishing website referred by Richard Yuill
  322. Photos of Prisons
  323. Please check out Jim Fouratt's repsonse to banning of Sarah Schulman from speaking
  324. Please check out Joann Wypijewski's essay on Steubenville, OH footballers
  325. Please check out Judith Levine's review of Sex Panic and the Punitive State by Roger N. Lancaster
  326. Please check out Lewis Gannnett's Response to Michael Ferguson's "Was Abraham Lincoln Gay?"
  327. Please check out Michael Chesson's blog about his Parish of Epiphany Haiti Medical Mission trip
  328. Please check out William A. Percy Foundation for Social and Historical Studies website
  329. Please check out the article The Science of Sex Abuse by Rachel Aviv in the Jan 14, 2013 issue of The New Yorker
  330. Please check out this interesting piece GAY FICTION; TWO TRADITIONS from Dyneslines.blogspot.com
  331. Portal:Blog
  332. Portal:Book Reviews
  333. Portal:Commentary
  334. Portal:Courses and Seminars Taught by WAP
  335. Portal:Letters to Editors
  336. Pot shard
  337. Poulet
  338. Pricing the Priceless Child by Harris Mirkin
  339. Princes often hire pedophiles as tutors
  340. Prison
  341. Purported earliest defense of homosexuality
  342. Queer Spirits Book Review
  343. Queer Theory's Heist of Our History
  344. Queering Archives discussion/RHR Issue on "Queering Archives"
  345. RSOL conference in LA next month
  346. Ralph Horne by Alison Barnet published in The South End Historical Society Newsletter Spring 2013
  347. Ralph Nicholas Chubb: Poet, Printer, Pacifist, Prophet
  348. Ralph Tindal Article
  349. Re-exportation: The Illegal Slave Trade From Cuba to the United States, 1808-1862
  350. Reason Magazine: Sex offender laws represent the triumph of outrage over reason
  351. Recent news clips and personal correspondence received from Bruce Hopping
  352. Reference to homosexuals in articles in current issue of TIME Magazine, relevant to your new book-Gay Press, Gay Power
  353. Register of Erotic Books
  354. Religious Roots of the Taboo on Homosexuality: A Materialist View by John Lauritsen
  355. Remember When 1933 - A Nostalgic Look Back In Time - Thanks to my sister Anne for including a few photos from my childhood
  356. Report by Beert Verstraete on his research and research-related activities during his year of sabbatical leave, 2010-11
  357. Review
  358. Review of A Freethinker's Primer of Male Love
  359. Review of After Tamerlane by William A Percy
  360. Review of Arthur P. Wolf: Incest Avoidance and the Incest Taboos, Two Aspects of Human Nature by Thomas O'Carroll
  361. Review of Barry Reay's New York Hustlers: Masculinity and Sex in Modern America
  362. Review of Judith Levine
  363. Review of Making History Normans and Their Historians In 11th century Italy
  364. Review of Robert Aldrich, editor, Gay Life and Culture: A World History by Paul Knobel
  365. Review of S. Sara Monoson’s Citizen as Erastes: Erotic Imagery and the Idea of Reciprocity in the Periclean Funeral Oration by Jason Maas
  366. Review of Sarah Goode
  367. Review of Susan Clancy
  368. Review of The Dynamics of Ancient Empires
  369. Review of The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me
  370. Review of the Book Gay L.A.
  371. Review of the Cambridge Economic History of the Greco-Roman World
  372. Reviews:Doris Kearns Goodwin’s second act - By Alex Beam
  373. Reviews:On Doris Kearns Goodwin's recent comments about Lincoln
  374. Revival of HIC (d.b.a. The Tangent Group since 1965)
  375. Richard George-Murray
  376. Riding the Registry My Tour of Broken Lives by Marshall Burns, Ph.D.
  377. Rights of passage Ex-offenders finally get their prom—but may have to wait for the right to vote
  378. Rod Dreher on Walker Percy
  379. SPIKED! The brilliant Lepore has finally overreached!
  380. SWP vs. Gay Liberation
  381. Sandbox
  382. Sappho and Sulpicia Dethroned by William A. Percy
  383. Scholar's Pedophilia Essay Stirs Outrage and Revenge
  384. Second victim in 1967 murder identified
  385. Sex & economics
  386. Sex Offenders
  387. Sexual Freedom and the Classical Ideal
  388. Sexual Offender Residence Restrictions
  389. Sexual Violence
  390. Sexuality & Eroticism among Males in Muslim Societies
  391. Sexually, Are We Becoming Wilder or More Conservative?
  392. Shadowland: The Hidden World of Child Pornography by Harris Mirkin
  393. Sharpe, robin
  394. Silver and clay The art of the symposium in Ancient Greece by William A. Percy
  395. Slater, Don, and the Homosexual Information Center either ignored or misunderstood
  396. Slater, Don and Legg, Dorr -- coworkers, but in the end antagonistic
  397. Slavery
  398. Some foreign archives
  399. Southern Historians in New England
  400. Soviet-era erotic alphabet book from 1931
  401. Special Video Presentation: Youtube links from a not too distant past. Boys beware!
  402. Spiked!
  403. Stephen J. King
  404. Stephen Wayne Foster
  405. Steven Angelides' Article in GLQ
  406. Steven Angelides' Article in GLQ in 2004
  407. Susan's Place - Transgender Resources
  408. Susan Wells Armstrong
  409. Sweet Mary Jane
  410. Sweet Prince of Orange or Lavender
  411. Symonds and use of "homosexual"
  412. Sympotic-ware: Ceramic Pots or Silver Vases
  414. The Age of Marriage in Ancient Rome
  415. The Age of Recovery: The Fifteenth Century
  416. The Ancestry of Robert Bruce
  417. The Ancient House of Percy
  418. The Boat
  419. The Church News
  420. The Desperate Imagination - Writers and Melancholy in the Modern American South
  421. The Eight P's
  422. The Guide to the Gay Northeast
  423. The Importance of Family Planning in developing countries
  424. The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
  425. The International (Lesbian and) Gay Association and the question of pedophilia: Tracking the demise of gay liberation ideals by David Paternotte
  426. The Islamic problem in a nutshell
  427. The Manoly I knew by Paul Knobel
  428. The Manoly I knew by Paul Knoble
  429. The Maryland Dents by Harry Wright Newman
  430. The Photographic Experiments of Frederick Rolfe (Baron Corvo)
  431. The Real Truth About Cross Dressing
  432. The Ridiculous Laws That Put People on the Sex Offender List - Slate article by Chanakya Sethi
  433. The Significance of Poetry
  434. The South I fled by William A. Percy III
  435. The Stages of Human Life by Wayne Dynes
  436. The Torturing of Mentally Ill Prisoners
  437. The Ugly Truth
  438. The Uniqueness of Willem de Mérode’s Poetry of Boy-love: A (Dutch-Canadian) Classicist's Perspective by Beert C. Verstraete, Professor Emeritus of Classics at Arcadia University
  439. The nub of the ped problem
  440. The trannie fabrication exposed
  441. There are many GLBT leaders who deserve credit, but some are special
  442. Thomas C. Reeves Obituary
  443. Thoughts from Billy
  444. Thoughts on Michael Bronski's new booki, A Queer History of the United States by Billy Glover and others
  445. Thoughts on making Laguna better by Chris Cones
  446. Tom O'Carroll's communication and presentation for the new book that he and I are writing about ages of which Romans married
  447. Toronto Police Services Board drops surveillance investigation
  448. Toronto man's remains discovered in "clandestine grave"
  449. Transgender Population and Number of Transgender Employees
  450. Transgender Wikipedia pages
  451. Trinket
  452. Triumph of the Spirit
  453. Two newly published studies question effectiveness of sex offender laws
  454. UMass MassMedia Farewell for Charley Shively
  455. Unabridged review of Craig William's Roman Homosexuality
  456. Unabridged review of Craig Williams' Roman Homosexuality
  457. Under surveillance
  458. Uniqueness of Indo-European Monogamy by William A. Percy
  459. Victory for man bashed by cops
  460. Violence and monotheism: the heart of the matter
  461. Viscount Esher
  462. WAP books
  463. Walker Percy Interviews Himself
  464. Walter Pater
  465. Washington Post interview with Roger Lancaster - is our punishment for child predators misguided?
  466. Wayne R. Dynes on gay studies
  467. Wayne R Dynes
  468. Westermarck, Edvard A.
  469. What's What in Greek and Latin Classics and in Biblical and Patristic Studies
  470. What Harry Hay knew and didn't know - Email exchanges between Billy Glover et al.
  471. What got some of us interested in the cause/L. A. or New York- and Romantic Communists- Email exchanges between Billy Glover and et al.
  472. What is Ojibwa Literature?
  473. What makes Bill Blair tick
  474. Who killed Ross Magill?
  475. Why was a Michael Jackson Bio Ignored? - Letter to the Editor by William A. Percy - The Gay and Lesbian Review July-August 2011 Issue
  476. Wikipedia woes
  477. William A.
  478. With Cherrie on Top
  479. Women in early Mattachine
  480. YHWH as erastes
  481. Yale Conference panel - Unlock closets of power
  482. Yarborough family archive scans
  483. Yiddish
  484. You can't handle the tooth - news clipping from Bruce Hopping
  485. You should ask yourself why you have an agenda that distorts your version of history/mine is documented
  486. Your health & safety in Fantino's hands?
  487. Youtube links from a not too distant past
  488. Youtube links from a not too distant past. Boys beware!
  489. Yuill and Rind quoted in Psychology Today on "Hebephilia"
  490. Zagria.blogspot.com

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