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===The Eight Memes===
===[[The Eight Memes]]===
[[:Category:What's New|What's New]]<br>
[[:Category:What's New|What's New]]<br>
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===The Eight P's===
===[[The Eight P's]]===

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Welcome to
The only thing worse than being flamed is not being flamed.

William A.

Defender of unpopular truths

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The Eight Memes

What's New
My Family
My Scholarship
Religion and Superstitions
Scholars and Activists
Percy Family Books
Academia and UMass

Bad Billy

a.k.a. Wee Willie
a.k.a. Auntie Willma

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The Eight P's

Prostitutes (Homosexual) and their Johns
Promiscuous, The
Public Homosexual Sex
Paraphilia (Paraphernalia)
Les Poètes Maudits

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