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*[[Portal:EOH|Encyclopedia of Homosexuality]]
*[[Portal:EOH|Encyclopedia of Homosexuality]]
*[[Portal:Scholars and Activists|Scholars & Activists]]
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Welcome to
The only thing worse than being flamed is not being flamed.


Disseminating scholarship on the printed page in the twenty-first century is analogous to publishing it on manuscripts during the sixteenth century. The Internet is now no longer like Cunabula (books printed before 1500)---rare commodities even then. It is in fact now rapidly displacing print on paper. Look at what Wikipedia is doing to the Encyclopedia Britannica! Printed dictionaries and bibliographies likewise are becoming obsolete because their online counterparts are so easy to update. Expenses, delays, and storage problems are also forcing scholarly journals to go online. Why not monographs (which sell too few copies to be cost-effective), syntheses, and textbooks, as well?

Tim Berners-Lee posted the first World Wide Web site in 1990, and just over a decade later, in January, 2001, Jimmy Wales launched the Wikipedia. Four years later, in 2005, Nature favorably compared Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica for accuracy. Wikipedia now bests the Britannica for completeness of content with 200 languages and fifteen times the number of articles.

Here, on my website, you will find the latest about Gabe - gay Abraham Lincoln - outing, marriage ages in Ancient Rome, pederasty and pedagogy in Archaic Greece, homosexual history, theory, & practice, the egregious fallacy of the Presumption of Heterosexuality, the even worse doctrine of Social Constructionism, the notorious Percys & their admirers & critics, and little me.

All-Points Bulletin for Jack Garrity: I have an irresistible proposition for you. Please e-mail me at ASAP.

Recent Articles and Notes

  • More about Huger Wilkinson Jervey from A History of The School of Law Columbia University (as pdf)
  • Geza Schay's Example referring to William A. Percy's The Age of Marriage in Ancient Rome (as word)

Bounty Offered

I hereby offer $20,000 to anyone who first succeeds in outing a living American cardinal, a four-star officer on active duty in any branch of the U.S. armed forces. By outing mean disclosing his or her homosexual orientation or practices to the public through the mass media, so that neither the person nor his or her colleagues of equal rank can effectively deny the accusation. If the outee admits the allegations, so much the better. If not, the educated public must be convinced as evidenced by media coverage and/or public opinion polls. In short, the allegations must stick.
(In 1994 I had offered only $10.000, but sitting justice of the United States Supreme Court were included. Because of the recent reasonable decisions of the Court, I removed them and raised the bounty for the homophobic Church and the armed forces.)


Many of these entries here are in draft form, and I warmly welcome comments, suggestions, additions, or revisions, however negative. This applies to books that are already in print, because I like follow ups. So please contact me!

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