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The Eight Memes  
===The Eight Memes===
[[:Category:What's New|What's New]]<br>
[[:Category:What's New|What's New]]<br>
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The Eight P's
===The Eight P's===
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[[:Category:What's New|What's New]]<br>
[[:Category:My Family|My Family]]<br>
[[:Category:My Scholarship|My Scholarship]]<br>
[[:Category:Religion and Superstitions|Religion and Superstitions]]<br>
[[:Category:Scholars and Activists|Scholars and Activists]]<br>
[[:Category:Percy Family Books|Percy Family Books]]<br>
[[:Category:Academia and UMass|Academia and UMass]]<br>
[[:Category:Prostitutes (Homosexual) and their Johns|Prostitutes (Homosexual) and their Johns]]<br>
[[:Category:Promiscuous, The|Promiscuous, The]]<br>
[[:Category:Public Homosexual Sex|Public Homosexual Sex]]<br>
[[:Category:Paraphilia (Paraphernalia)|Paraphilia (Paraphernalia)]]<br>
[[:Category:Les Poètes Maudits|Les Poètes Maudits]]<br>

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William A.
Defender of unpopular truths


The Eight Memes

What's New
My Family
My Scholarship
Religion and Superstitions
Scholars and Activists
Percy Family Books
Academia and UMass

Bad Billy
a.k.a. Wee Willie
a.k.a. Auntie Willma


The Eight P's

Prostitutes (Homosexual) and their Johns
Promiscuous, The
Public Homosexual Sex
Paraphilia (Paraphernalia)
Les Poètes Maudits

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