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Jan 16, 2007

by Billy Glover

I think documentation is needed for our movement, but I can personally tell you that there are things we have none for in reality. I doubt anyone remembered that I was at the Mattachine Society's convention in 1959 in Denver, but if there were records of course I would be listed. I then went and stayed with Hal Call for a week or so and worked in the Mattachine office, but I doubt anyone, except perhaps Don Lucas, would know that, except that I did a review of Advise and Consent which later appeared in an issue of Mattachine review. And few people would even remember me at ONE in the early 60s, except later my name starts appearing on the magazine and in reports. No one has a list of those who were in or Motorcade in 66 in the military protest thing. We have pictures in the magazine (Tangents, May 66 I think it is) but no one shows up and even in the interviews there aren't others mentioned except Harry Hal and Don Slater as I recall.

Even more strange in a wasy is the fact that I and my partner then and friend now Melvin Cain are on the cover of two issues of ONE Magazine, but i don't think we are ever identified, and we were obviously "open" so did not try to hide. (lst time was from behind as we walked, the 2nd was from front and pictures were made at the same time, above Glendale Blvd across from Echo park.

Let's hope that those in the movement today will be better at keeping records, as those who do work deserve credit, or blame.

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