Studies of Homosexuality Volume 2

From William A. Percy
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Lesbians in American Indian Cultures by Paula Gunn Allen (as pdf)

Sexuality and Gender in Certain Native American Tribes:The Case of Cross-Gender Females by Evelyn Blackwood (as pdf)

Cross-Cultural Codes on Twenty Sexual Attitudes and Practices by Gwen J. Broude and Sarah J. Greene (as pdf)

The North American Berdache by Charles Callender and Lee M. Kochems (as pdf)

Cultural Factors Affecting Urban Mexican Male Homosexual Behavior by Joseph M. Carrier (as pdf)

Sexual Subordination:Institutionalized Homosexuality and Social Control in Melanesia by Gerald W. Creed (as pdf)

Polynesia's Third Sex:The Gay Life Starts in the Kitchen by Bengt and Marie Therese Danielsson (as pdf)

Institutionalized Homosexuality of the Mohave Indians by George Devereux (as pdf)

Homosexuality in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Unnecessary Controversy by Wayne Dynes (as pdf)

Sexual Inversion among the Azande by E.E. Evans-Pritchard (as pdf)

Must We Deracinate Indians to Find Gay Roots? by Ramon A. Gutierrez (as pdf)

On Male Initiation and Dual Organization in New Guinea by Per Hage (as pdf)

Ritualized Homosexual Behavior in the Male Cults of Melanesia, 1862-1983: An Introduction by Gilbert H. Herdt (as pdf)

Berdache: A Brief Review of the Literature by Sue-Ellen Jacobs (as pdf)

Subject Honor and Object Shame: The Construction of Male Homosexuality and Stigma in Nicaragua by Roger N. Lancaster (as pdf)

A Cult Matriarchate and Male Homosexuality by Ruth Landes (as pdf)

The Community Function of Tahitian Male Transvestitism: A Hypothesis by Robert I. Levy (as pdf)

Fuzzy Sets and Abominations by S.O. Murray (as pdf)

Stigma Transformation and Relexification:"Gay" in Latin America by Stephen O. Murray and Manuel Arboleda G. (as pdf)

Sentimental Effusions of Genital Contact in Upper Amazonia by Stephen O. Murray (as pdf)

Mistaking Fantasy for Ethnography by Stephen Murray (as pdf)

The Zuni Man-Woman by Will Roscoe (as pdf)

Sexual Inversion among Primitive Races by C.G. Seligmann (as pdf)

Acknowledgments (as pdf)

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