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William A.

Still Politically Incorrect! Less Decadent!
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"The Eight Memes":


What's What in Greek and Latin Classics and in Biblical and Patristic Studies

Just as too many babies are overcrowding our planet, and too many blogs, too many articles and too many books are overcrowding our minds. In almost all of them, what new is not true, and what is true is not new.


Scholars and Activists Divided into alive and dead and ones I’ve known and worked with and ones I’ve not known and worked with. They are also divided a third way, into those related to gay studies and those not related to gay studies.


My Family Genealogies accompanied by wills, obituaries, pictures, letters, memoirs and diaries arranged under the four families (Percy, Dent, Minor, Yarborough).


Percy Family Books Books and articles, by and about, divided into Percys and Dents, both with coats of arms, and Minors and Yarboroughs without. The Minors wrote and were written about, but the Yarboroughs, who didn't have slaves or publish, were very much talked about.


My Scholarship Books, editions, chapters in books, articles, notes, reviews, by and about, letters to the editors, published and unpublished, movie scripts, memoirs, works in progress.


Academia and UMass My vita, materials and links for UMass students.


Religion and Superstitions The great Abrahamic deceivers of mankind, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad followed by the modern ones Marx, Freud and Hitler, the secular dogmatists, who are as intolerant and even more lethal than the religious dogmatists: the greatest enemies of peace, liberty and justice.


Transgender Transvestism a.k.a. cross-dressing, gender variations, transsexualities and hermaphroditism

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